Sunday, November 15, 2009

Friends :D

9k Till Lvl: A Small Story

So today as I was scaping about Twi says the following:

...which causes me to remember that about 6 months ago he said the very same thing!

WTG Twi that was epic win!!

Twi lvled on granite shortly after a star in the granite mine. He now has 69. Only 8 more levels until he can go to living rocks! Yay!! Oh, and he's getting 96 Agility tomorra if all goes as planned. Woot!

In other news...

My friend, Bigbigsniper, says I haven't mentioned him in my blog. I just want to say that now you have and you have been missed!! You always make me laugh! Thanks buddy :-)
Above is the best "pic" that I have of him... Besides the pickle mishap pic... Oh what the heck here it is:
Real life happened and the poor guy cut his foot open. I felt bad but seeing this sure was funny! How often do you get a PM like this? Love ya! I happen to know that he's fast approaching 119 combat! Woohoo!!

I have such amazing friends on this game. That's the main reason I started blogging, to make more friends! You peeps all rock!!

Until next time...

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