Saturday, November 21, 2009

Levels, Thoughts, and Party!!

Well!! Late last night after my amusing RL fun, I pushed myself and after an evil tree went up to the good ol' ivy with a sc hatchet (cheater!!) and got this:I went to bed and got up refreshed and did some agility. A stupid computer virus threatened to take over after I hit a bad button on Rune Wiki so I loaded up my antivirus on it and took a break to do real life things including shopping with my sister. When I came back, I decided to get some money to help pay for my 83 con so I hit good ol' Piscatoris and a short time later I had this achievement under my belt:

585 monkfish got me about 350k so I set off to my house to get me 83 con, but not before spotting this amusingly colorful pair:

They're Eric's colors! For reference, here's a picture of Eric:
Rockin the purple and yellow, ur doin it rite!

I got to work on making 202 oak doors, making sure I did not use the oak door that got me in a huge money mess.
Eventually I got my level, but not before some hilarious conversations:

Me and Twi have a special greeting. :-)

Later Buz was talking about how he is a silent listener and doesn't jump all over people who say bad words. Then I, in typically my style, "dropped the F Bomb."

Finally after a quick game of SC and being 100 xp short with no more oaks on me and sending my butler to the bank for some teak planks, I got it. The hammer lasted exactly as long as I needed it to. Woot!
Wewt!! That level cost me about 600k. That's pretty ownage. So is the fact that my past three levelings up were consecutive in both number and order:

In other news...

I read Merch's post about commenting and I wanted to share some thoughts. I personally try to comment on as much as I can, but not all, because either I have nothing really to share or I don't wanna seem like a stalker freak, LOL!! If you're on my mini feed, then I read you blog. If you're not, and you get linked to Runescape Reader (which is not in my mini feed as it is in my actual blogroll) then there's a good chance I'll read it. If you would like me to read your blog then send me a holler either in Canting or by comments and I'll link you. :-) Luckily, I am well aware that even though I don't get many comments I know that there are multitudes of people who read my blog. I mean, if I got picked up by the Runescape Reader with only a handful of posts, I know it's out there! I've tried my best to making commenting as easy as possible so blame blogger if it doesn't work, LOL!! It's on moderate so that I know for sure that I will get them and read them.

In even more other news, I am sooo excited for the gathering tomorrow!! It's at 6pm my time here in the western US and even though I'm attending a concert downtown at 7:30 I should have about 30 minutes to chat and have a good time :-D I'm really looking to meeting the pixels behind the words of the blogs me and the entire blogging community enjoy. I'll be in my flippers and green hair, of course! :-)

Before I go, I leave you with this picture. The other day I helped 2 friends get the "become champion of the fight pits" achievement. I took Khaaos down first which got him his Karamja Gloves 3!! Woohoo!! Then my good friend Cat asked me if I would go back for her to kill. I agreed of course and got this pic of her giving me a whooping. LOL!!

Time for agility!

Until next time...

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  1. Massecure36022 November, 2009

    Well big congratz on the woodcutting and construction level! Also thought the F bomb conversation was hilarious. :P