Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Convos, Thanksgiving Pwnage, and More!

Today I got a ton of agility XP. I also, on Merch's advice, sold my coconuts for a pretty penny. :-) People in the chat were selling all theirs and getting 2m. That's a lot of coconuts!!

I have gotten some funny conversations over the past few days, including a very long one that might rival Nez's.

First, we have a funny example of two conversations merging together. Apparently one group was talking about "killing penguins for dinner" and all I caught was Ed saying "save me a wing." At the same time a bunch of us (me included) were talking about "pp" (pyramid plunder). That led to Kitty saying she had to "PP." Combining "I have to pp" with "Oo save me a wing" ended with hilarious results!

Next, I turned something normal into something hilarious on accident. Good to know I have "2 buns" LOL!!!
Finally, we have a conversation of epic proportions. Watch as me and Twi try, and fail, to make a large scale ":[]" face. You'll definitely need to click the pic for full effect. LOL!!

The afterthought was just as funny:

So... In terms of what I did today....

First I read Marlaine's blog and was excited to own some turkeys as part of the thanksgiving event. Own them I did!! That was fun! Too bad I didn't get xp for it, but because there is no xp gainage pures can do it.

I was so shocked at the combat level of these turkeys that I just had to shout a Catin exclamation. Don't worry, Furil is slang for "for reals!"

I set off killing them in an epic cutlass battle! My record max hit was 168, which was pretty low, but not bad for a cutlass and 78 strength... I got 167 in a pic, while my baby crab cheered me on. Haha, when he finally grew he was HUGE!!! He looked like a giant pancake and it scared me. LOL!

I then noticed that the cook was shouting funny things from the sideline:

After that was over I ran agility on W46 pratty much all day. It was fun and I got a lot of 91 out of the way. Over halfway to 92 now and only about 280k XP to go! After selling stuff, I had an itch to go to living rocks dressed to kill. I wanted money and I had no idea living minerals were tradeable. So, veracs and pickaxe in tow, I set off to kill a ton. I had about 103k and 105k for 79 att and str respectively so I threw the whip on shared and got quite a bite taken out of that.

Merxese decided to pay me a visit, along with Bigbigsniper. Both can't mine the guys when they die so they didn't stay too long but it was fun to visit with them while I whipped away. I got almost 1,000 minerals and TONS of ore which I am going to smith and sell later. I also got a maze random earlier, come to think of it, and got almost 500 chaos runes as a reward. Nice!

After my 3rd bunyip, I decided to wait for a falador star. Dadof10 decided to take a timeout in the naughty corner. LOL!!

After the nice fally west star I decided to suck it up and go do my aquanite task. I have fail stats so I can kill like... 20 a trip. I got 17 this time before I gave up to fish. This is the only task I need food for, pretty much. Oh well, I love being able to use both shortcuts and managed to snap a good pic, so it's all good. No range ammy yet though :-( If you noticed that I am wearing one, I bought it off my clan leader. I paid in coal. LOL!


My day ended with me fishing sharks to help combat aquanites later when I feel like doing my task. In closing, I am soo excited because Twi Twi has started a blog of his own!! In his honor, here is a recent picture of us running agility together. My attempt to get a pic of me updaise down and him right side up failed, but what resulted was really funny and painfully awkward. I hope you'll like it.

If I could do that in real life I think I'd be called a mutant. Good night everyone!

Until next time...


  1. *turning head upside down and side to side* So that's a leg there... and that's.... GOT IT! A cartwheel is about to happen!

  2. I hope that was suppose to be a joke cause I was laughing. Your blog has lots of st00f to read for my kindgergarden mind to read :O