Thursday, November 26, 2009

Party, Combat Lvlz, and Cballs

Yesterday started early with Massecure360 getting 99 Mage. Woohoo gratz!!!!After a small party I decided to "not be a noob" and finally get some attack and strength levels. I played some SC until I had a full set of armour and then hit the Living Rocks.

Rockin' the camo pants!!

I tried throwing the whip on shared first but quickly learned that it made the charges go down way too fast so I put it on Attack and then decided to recharge the armour, borrow a D Skimmy, and get Strength. Before long, I had Attack under my belt.

After some more games, and borrowing a D Skimmy from Sabre Fuego, I went back under for my Strength and, best of all, a combat level.

After that, I heard that cballs are at quite a high right now so I set off mining/buying some coal and iron and began the hard road of smelting it all. I got bored right away so I decided to finally do my clue scroll. I needed rune legs so Peekyface gave me his and the two of us went around Runescape (mostly around the low lvl wildy) while I did what were mostly coordinate clues. Eventually I had that coordinate clue that's across that bridge in Ogreland, which led me to Jiggig. There's a random tunnel around there that leads to an island. I've gone down it before but did it again, with a hilarious discovery:

"Wow! That tunnel went a long way. :[]"

I love the chat head for surprise. I can never get a good pic but I tried my best. They all make me look stoned -.- Especially this one from my Questing days:

All was safe and I received 2 rune legs (LOL!), a rune full, a rune cbow, and something else rune. I thought it was funny that I received two of what I needed most for the clue in the first place. I sold/alched all of the items and then went back to canonballs.

I managed to mine half the coal before buying the rest, and all the iron, which both sold for near min. Hmmm....

I ran agility with Twi for an hour until he got 97. Wooooo!!! Almost there!!!!!! We then both went to Edgy where I smelted and he went on a sampler of skills. I went to bed, woke up, and finished all of the cballs. I ended up making quite a bundle! 4,376 cballs later sold for 1,275,772 coins!! :-D It ended up pushing me to 88k till 78 smiffing too! That brings me to 6.7m cash, which is about what 90 Con will cost. I think I'm going to experiment with the sawmill and hot air balloons and get some planks before I go to the butler.

Also... I really want Karils.. I think it's kinda cute! Only problem is the price... ugh.... However, in the weighing of Karils vs Con, I'm pretty cure Con wins. There will be time for Karils later.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! There is a thanksgiving event out and about and it's awesome! I'm not going to give any away but I figured it out after a bit and I am really excited as to where it's going to go. It's like a mega clue scroll! :-D

Until next time...


  1. Massecure36026 November, 2009

    I have no clue how to do the thanksgiving even with the lumbridge sage. Or, at least I don't know how to start it. O.o

  2. Congrats on the str and att levels. I keep mine low as well. Currently at 65 att and 69 str. I only leveled them to the minimums I needed for the quest cape. I like being 93 with the quest cape.

    90 Con is an awesome goal. Ever look into using teaks? they are pricy, but when you make a legends cape for the quest hall, you get the cape back and gain 100xp per teak. At today's ge prices that makes it about 11gp per xp for both teaks and oak, wile teaks are about twice as fast. NBot sure what you are making, but give it a try. You might get to that goal a lot faster.

    ps sorry I missed the recent blogger party. I will be sure to make the next one.