Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two Levelings Up

Today I decided to take the bartender's advice and level my lowest skill, as it was embarrassing. My lowest skill is Runecrafting, so I set off in preparation. Actually, I wasn't planning on leveling at all, I was just in the mood for it. As I no longer want an omni staff, I turned in over 3,000 tokens and bought myself 50 law tabs, 20 death tabs, 10 astral tabs, and the rest on some pure essence.

Now, being me, I couldn't runecraft "nood!!" I had to put together a non-bonus outfit that was both my style and cute. What I came up with was pretty dang epic, on both regards!

I don't know if the people of Entrana are lax or what but I was able to take a glory and flippers to Entrana! I must say I was very pleased about being allowed my flippers. Without them, I look weird... Although, I was definitely a bit foot-heavy without my cape on, LOL!!

I have 3 pouches and when they degrade I tele to edgy and get those repaired. I love distracting the eyes best, because they look funny:

After all my law tabs were used up I realized I was 12k from a level. I got out a Graahk and ran nats until it ran out. I had 200 ess left, and Kitty told me about the Ourania Altar using lunar to tele around. I decided to give it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised! It really does give a ton of xp! If you're more after xp and not money then Ourania is the way to go! My 99 Defence was most helpful here and I hardly took damage. I was barely halfway through my remaining ess when I unexpectedly got this:
Woot!! That's a level closer to 70! I really despise Rcing. I mean, in 6 hours I got... 30-some K xp. I get more in half an hour of agility. However, I had forgotten what a great moneymaker it is and at the moment am rechagred and willing to go for 70. However, it will have to wait. I have other things to do first, like get 99 Agility. Haha.

After all that, I set off to do some random things and then eventually hit the agility course. Twi wanted me to play SC with him so I reluctantly did. I then got bored of my lamesauce 77 Smiffing and decided that 2 hammers was enough for 78. I zipped to the GE, bought 2m worth of addy bars, and made them into knives. I sold them back, only losing about 1/4 of the money, and then headed to Edgy to spin some gold ore into bars using my goldy gaunts. Finally, the Smiffing level was mine!Yay!! Only 1 more level of not being able to make class 5 of nearly everything! I can't wait! I did a TON of mining after another hour or so of agility so I have plenty of gold to keep me busy. Oh, I tried out the Obsidian Golem too. Man is he a good little guy! I was filling up my inventory like gold was iron!

After a long time of mining I decided to to Tears of Guthix for once. I almost never do it so it seemed like a good time. The last time I did it I got, get this, 185 tears. Holy crap was that a good emount of xp!!!! This time I got 162 which is still very good, and it got me 10k Runecrafting xp. It's official- Runecrafting once again is not my lowest skill. It beat hunter again!! Woohoo!! I am going to plan on leaving it like that for a while. Woot!

I leave with you two pictures I took today:

First, Merx randomly came into the chat asking what appears to be an age old question. LOL!

Next, I noticed I had a funny number of Agility XP. The only way to beat that is 6,666,666 LOL!!

Until next time...

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  1. Congrats on the RC level. I got to 42 with that skill on tears of Guthix alone. The xp is so slow that I could never justify doing it. 78 Smithing is awesome. I hit 70 this week, and with one more level and a mature dwarven stout, I should be able to finish my Varrok achievement diary. I might never smith again after that.

    I know my blog was dormant for a while, but would you mind adding it to your blog roll?