Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marching Onward

Today I did a couple things. First off, I gathered supplies and got 81 con.
I am quite sleep deprived so I didn't feel like getting 82. Trust me it'll come soon enough. :-)

I then spend my time doodling around, which included getting onto lunar magic so that I could stat-spy people and start conversations. I've found it's the best way. I get free mage xp PLUS people saying "sorry my stats suck lol". It's really a lot of fun!

As I was spying and chatting with some curse casters, another stretchy glitch happened. I had the camera at just the right angle to make half the screen white too. Hehe. It looks like a massive pile of salt.I then began running agility all the while having fun with Twi. I got a couple fun pics of us trying to do the course but getting distracted. And I kept casting stat spy on him. LOL!

I convinced Twi to try to open his map. It promptly logged him out but I got a good pic. :-)

Twi looks like he is floating... LOL!

In other random news, here are some random pics I took. The first is something funny that Merx said to me:

Next is me modeling my new hairdo. I have retired the cat mask for now and a black headband has taken its place.Gotta love those agile clothes! I virtually never run out of run. Ever. I get asked at least twice a day what my sword is, or where I get my flippers, or sometimes what I'm wearing in the shield spot. My personal favorite are the people who ask me what cape I have. And one asked me how I got it! LOL!!

And of course, to finish off this random blog post, I just had to say it.

With that I am off to bed!

Until next time...

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  1. Massecure36011 November, 2009

    Wow! It seems like you find a new graphics glitch everday! LOL. I've seen my fair share of them, mostly around farming patches where you can't see anything in them.