Saturday, November 14, 2009

Emerging Victorious

Despite my giant oopsie that I had today, I emerged victorious.

Woohoo!! 82 con! I had a giant wad of cash on me, as I purposely overestimated what the opulent table really costs, and went about adding baby red dragons to the remaining hotspots. I then recharged my saw and put in a teleport trap as well. It's so awesome! Of course now I really am low on cash so I'll be busy doing Slayer and mining gold to help fix that.

I did open my house to any who would like to see it, as I have done with every major step I take with it. Man it's so awesome with red dragons roaming my bedroom and a teleport trap sending guests to my mini ogre spa with services provided by Mr. Cuddles. Now I really can't wait for 96 con. Then my dungeon will be complete!

I have decided to weasel away high value items (crushed nests) and get as close to 10 million coins as I can so that I'll have the money for my steel dragon locked away until the final moment of reunion. I have also finally decided on a name. His name is Mackenzie. :-D

After I got the level and had fun in my dungeon I left for a while and then came back to agility. I'm getting closer now! I was then invited to an impromptu game of Trawler and somehow completed it with four people. Yay! Elite task done! My only reward was 15 manta and 1 sea turtle. LOL! I then headed over to SC Claymates with Twi and played a couple games to get me some hammers. I think I have enough for 83 con now. I just need to get a ton of logs and cash to pay for the plankifying and then I'll be set to go! After that I left for the night.

Good night to all and here's my public service announcement: Be careful when building oak dungeon doors that you don't accidentally build or delete rooms off the hopspot!!!!!!!!

Until next time...

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