Friday, November 6, 2009

Big Spender

Today after a nice and short day at school I got to work. With 90 Agility finally out of the way and with supplies and cash in my favor, I set off for 80 Construction. Now when guides tell you Con is fast, they really mean it. I got the last two lvls within a few hours of doormaking. 290 oak doors later and I had achieved this:
Woohoo!!! A new lvl 80 skill, 1910 total lvl, c5 barriers in sc, and TANGLE VINE!!! :-D Lol, the girls in the chat have a funny thing about tanglevines.

With the availability of another room, I got right to work on phase 2/5 of my epic dungeon.Pie proudly presents the Secret Underground Conference Room!
(Behind me is the future home of Mackenzie :-D )

As a present for getting 80 Con, I was off to spend lots and lots of money on an Opulent Table and a Lesser Magic cage. I didn't want to do it all in cash so I got right to work selling some high value items in my bank to hopefully come close. It took a lot of selling of random items and even some items that I wanted to keep, but I am proud to say that I didn't sell my stockpile of crushed nests like I was planning! I sold coal, maples, titans, and more! I ended up getting about 2m out of the deal. I finally withdrew a mil from my own coins, scrambled to gather all the ingredients, and was on my way!

Of course, not before being "Evil Bobbed..." Free 630 RC XP :-)

I am pretty dang proud that I got all the moneys I needed and began spamming my chat telling them to come to my house. I got Armydude07, Mickeyhenesy, and Cat de Meow to come over and check out my new goodies :-)

Pictured are l-r Army, me, Mickey in my dungeon bedroom.

I am loving my epic dungeon plans and thanks to the 32-room limit now I can make a complete dungeon all the way through my house. I think when I get high enough I'll get a greater magic cage but I am quite content with my lesser cage :-) From here on out I'm going to take Con level by level as I get funds, hammers, and logs. Con is faster than Agility and Agility is pretty darn fast!

We'll see how this goes! In the meantime, I'm going to fish some to replace my moneys and run some agility.

Until next time...

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