Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Whole New Level

Today, after running agility all day with Twilight, and all day yesterday, and all day the day before that, I have achieved something that most peeps can only dream of.Several long (ish) hours and many songs on youtube and tons and tons and tons and tons of laps later, I jumped off the roof to receive this:Wooooooooooooot!!! My third EVER lvl 90+ skill! This puts Agility as my 3rd highest skill as well. It beat hitpoints some time ago... I forget when XD Only my 91 Cooking and 99 Defence beat it now.

Why is this so exciting? Well, I have taken my training to a whole new level now. I have graduated from Agility Pots. I never have to eat a Summer Pie or sip a dose of Agility Potion ever again. I can now use every course with no aid of any kind which means I can do Barbarian Extended forever and ever and ever until I get sick of it and go train something else. That's huge!! And, just my luck, a lvl 38 agility player was there about to embark on Fremmy Trials so I gave him all the agility pots I had left to aid him in his journeys. I'm so glad someone will have a use for them now. I no longer need them!! *does happy dance*

Now if I could get a million xp a week I'll have my 99 in about 2 months. Can I do it? Yes I can! Will I get it done? Uh.... Prolly, if I don't get too distracted. LOL! My new objective is 80 Con, which should go smoothly and easily.

Oh by the way.... Yesterday I found out that Toadflax is like 5k each now so I sold all 500+ I have been hoarding from farming and got me 2 and a half million. I took this as the perfect opportunity and finally (and reluctantly) got me a Gilded Marble Altar. I also got some burners (stuff marble, I went with mahogany) and a pretty Guthix icon. With the money I have now, gold leaf is no longer an unobtainable, expensive item.
I may be unhappy about spending over a million on it but I'll be thanking myself later when I use it to get my prayer up, and I know any house guests I may have will love me for it. It's kinda pretty... LOL!

I'm just so happy. :-)

With that, I am off to bed. Tomorrow will begin way too early. Until next time...


  1. WOW! Congrats!

    Toadflax is how much? :o I've got nearly 700 of them sitting waiting agains the distant day when I can do Sara brews! :o

  2. Congratulations on 90 agility. Well done on your gilded altar as well.