Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Halfway There

Oh my goodness. I am halfway there. o.O!!!! I seriously can't even believe my own eyes!!

I decided to to penguins for once seeing as I haven't done then in near 2 months. Since it was Tuesday I got both batches! I then has 33 penguin points to turn in which got me 75,075 xp towards agility. That left me with about 2 hours to my level so I was off. I got the Leo random and saved the lamp for a dramatic leveling but in typical me fashion accidentally got it. LOL! Oh well, awesomesauce is awesomesauce no matter how it's presented. I'm halfway there. I've wanted 99 agility since skillcapes came out and I really can't believe I'm doing it, it's easy, and I LOVE it!!

In other news...

My friend, who I affectiontely call Peekyface (who goes by Manly, Hector, and currently "IVI N IVIs") got 99 Attack!

We first went to his dungon combat room where he killed our clan leader and mysteriously received no xp. He thought it was because it was underground so we quickly ran to my house, where my combat ring is above sea level and he leveled in the same place I got 99 Defence in. He later found out the reason he didn't level in his dungeon was not because xp isn't received, but that he was on defence mode. Good fight. LOL!

We then ran off to the Warrior Guild where we admired his new hot cape. I tried to get an att, str, and def cape emote all in a row and succeeded! The man of the hour is flying in the air in this pic, and is to my left:

We then went back to his house where we got to fight "The Accident," his pet dagannoth, named so because he had stewed up for 95 for the dragon but his mouse involuntarily clicked... on the dagannoth. Instead of wasting 7.5m, he's just going to add another treasure room later. It made for a great story and it seemed like The Accident was meant to be there.

Of course my "Dirty Ernie" had to come out and I had to make the most awkward pose as possible. I tried to pose looking like I was sitting in its lap later but then it got up and attacked me. I have an idea for a cool pic now, but I'll have to wait until later.

In closing, Twi and I had another funny conversation today. I kept shouting, "Pizza!!!" for no reason except I remembered my trombone professor edited a trombone choir version of Super Mario Bros and for style he put "Smooth Pizza Tempo." As we're both band geeks we then began making our own Italian Pizza tempos:

I ended the day by starting on roughly 4 games of SC that I need for some armour. Of course I just threw mine out that I've had for months... Oh well, points are points and they're easily gained. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get 79 Att and Str, which will give me 117 Combat and maybe if I get in a groove I'll try for 80 Att and Str and 90 Hp. I smell some slayer tomorrow!

Until next time...

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