Friday, November 13, 2009


After playing Runescape for many years, I have come to a realization about account names. It's pretty cool what some people can do with just 12 slots for letters, numbers, and spaces. After observing many an account and many a name, I have been able to classify account names into 5 categories: Word & Number, Unique Combination/Leet/Picture, Name/Title, Statements, and finally a mix of two of these.

1. A Word & Number
This is one of the most common names for accounts that I see. Basically, it's a random word with some numbers either before or after it.

Lemonade157, Twilight4222, The Man 2298, Vikingfan64, Cat67890, and 2nilfalas.

2. A Unique Combination/Leet/Picture
This one isn't as common but is reserved for people who have basically made pictures out of their names. I consider people whose names are entirely numbers to fall into here as well.

Examples: 1l1 0o0 1l1, 12obin, 1l 0 1l, O M G S T 12, and any combination of O000o0o0 or the like.

3. Names & Titles
Many account names are very clever and classy. I'd say most names fit here. Whether it be an old video game name or a completely original name or title, it goes here.

Merch Gwyar, Timothy Gold, Kitty Molly, Sir Kehn, Sirnerdwerd, Aqua Eyes, Bella Anne, Pperrizo, Vaskor, Lesko Dymond, Zezima, Gertjaars, Tim Burr, Yunzy, Mama Miner, Nayr Ryan, Hoobin Rod,...

4. Statements
Some people's names are short 2-4 word statements. My name falls here :-)

Full Of Pie, Lack Of Pie, Full Of Pure, Spoon In Ear, Gym Bag Boy, Rakin Weeds, Pkin Quester, Pur3 [insert skill], and anything that says "Str Owns."

5. Combinations
Some people's names are combinations of two of these and could fit in either category.

(1&3) Lord Doom321, (1&4) Istrkuout 27, (2&1 / 2&3) Any name or word surrounded by I's, Oo's, 1's, etc. such as "Oo Nature Oo" or "Xx Pker Xx" falls here too.

So there you have it. I've pretty much just summed up all the account names in just 4 categories. If you think of any more just let me know :-)

In other news...

The past few days I've been doing whatever which translates into mining, agility, and construction. I've been busy and haven't been playing RS as much as I used to, which is a good thing. Hah, addict!

Yesterday, I did get this dose of awesomesauce:

Woohoo!! At this rate, I'll have 90 before I know it! Plus, if I sell the ore I make better money than sharks so I think I'll take a few days to just camp at the living rocks. I may get the money for con this way!

Today, I logged in to find that a fellow clanner, k h a a o s, was about to get 99 Defence! There's no way I could miss that! There were 3 of us def capers and we circled him and emoted until he finally killed his target. He's the one in the str cape in the middle. My target is Cat. LOL!

I leave tonight with a bunch of pics I took over the last few days. Enjoy :-)

Me and Hector went on a "stat spy date" and spied stats!

Me posing with Twi again...

A cool ducky someone made in the living rock caves...

Two fullscale pictures showing MORE glitches I've had... Good Garrett... Someone stop my poor compy from freaking out! :-(

I've taken a pic of this one at another angle. Sometimes, Shilo goes horribly wrong.

The worst one yet. It looks like Edgeville is getting destroyed by an atom bomb or something... I could hardly see the agility shortcut! Luckily all I have to do is load a new screen to make it go away. Fastest way to do that? Open the map.

Now here are two of me being... me!

Let's go wakeboarding on a salmon!

Have I told you that I love flippers? Here's a reasom why. They make this pose totally awesome! Here I am showing them off with my daddy <3

Finally, here are two pics that Twi took of himself agilifying and sent to me.

He observed a strange glitch on the balance beam. Wooooo levitation wooooo!!

Finally, here he is getting 95 Agility. Almost there!!!!!

You go Twi!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!

Until next time :-)


  1. Massecure36013 November, 2009

    Hmm, well I guesse my name would fall under the Name & Number category. Always getting nagged by friends to change it to something more original. Meh.. Got a little attatched to my current display name. :)

  2. My name would fall into category 3 then. I've always been touchy about being original and unique. What makes people stand out isn't how much they follow others (aka fashion and all that crap), but how they differ from others.