Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mining and Meeting

Today I really didn't feel like doing much so I hopped into Canting to find many people there. I had decided to go to the Living Rock Caverns and turns out Merch was there as well! So, being the noob that I am I hopped over to her world to hang out. Of course, this meant that I nearly got pwned by the living rocks. I spent a bunyip worth of time running from them and trying to mine when I saw it.

There it was!! The living rock Patriarch!! After running about, I finally got a good swing at it before anything else could hit me first. Woohoo! My only weapon was a pickaxe but thanks to my 99 Defence I really didn't start getting hit by it until the end. Then I lost the majority of my hitpoints but oh well, I got 8 diamonds!! Woot!!
Oh yeah, I was "dressed for success" which meant my outfit consisted of black headband, gnome amulet, defence cape, varrock 3 armour, verac skirt, flippers, karamja gloves 3, explorer ring 3, pickaxe, and blessed spirit shield. Hey, it got the job done!

After my bunyip left I went to W84, which appears to be the unofficial world for living rocks. There are enough people mining that the chance of getting hit is rare and it also means that level 3 pures can mine there. When someone sees a grave, they just bless it and continue mining. Let me tell you, every cape in the game and their lava titan joins the quest for coal and gold. Man!
I swear, I could make an "I Spy" book out of the pics I got of people dressed in their best. I got two excellent panoramic shots. Click them for a bigger view!
I spy a lava titan.... Times twenty...
I spy a noob with flippers and green hair :-P

The sheer number of people and their familiars caused a bit of lag which apparently took its toll on my compy. It began freaking out and I had more graphic glitches than I can count! Once again, they always appear upon loading a new screen.

The first one turned the floor black and random sections of the walls and rocks white. Plus it caused random stretching pixels as seen to the right extending diagonally up. Galactic mining anyone? It's out of this world!

After I deposited that load of gold and coal, my screen returned and I was back, where I experienced a totally different glitch. I thought it was a screen position glitch which causes things to disappear but it didn't return to normal when I moved my camera. This one made the ground a silvery metallic texture and caused all the rocks to disappear. Also random ground was absent all together making it black. Haha!

The glitches were getting quite annoying and after a while I wanted to meet Aquarianpixi in "pixelperson" so I teleported to my spirit tree. I think the game is just out to spite me now and I got a third glitch just like the second. It looked like an oil spill and encompassed random areas. Is Jagex implying that Port Sarim is going to become a bog? LOL!!

Another glitch?? Furil?? It was almost too cool looking to leave though. LOL

So, I set off to Varrock to meet Aquarianpixi. I love meeting fellow bloggers! Of course, I had to change back into the skiller outfit that I am "famous" for first. Hehe :-D

She just got the Seers easy tasks done. Yaaaay!!! :-)

After a brief exchange of hellos we went our separate ways and I found myself in Edgeville ready to smith almost 600 gold ore. Another fellow member of Canting, TheArcturus1, was bored so I told him to come to edgeville with me. He did and followed me while I got all that gold turned into bars. I am still on ancients from a little Stealing Creation fun so it's annoying not being able to enchant anything.

Look!! TheArcturus1 is on my blog! He's famous now!! :-P

Yes, I did put on my Goldy Gaunts before doing this. If you thought of that while reading this fear not. I am now about 70k from 78 Smithing. Didn't I just get 77?? :-D

After getting that all done I assisted Aquarianpixi and TheArcturus1 in finding the limestone mine before taking a break. It was fun, the three of us in a line, walking through Varrock. Limestone bricks for all!!

So today basically I mined, smithed, and met some people in pixelperson. It was a good day!

Until next time...


  1. I'm pretty sure the world you were in was the homeworld of 'Mining Golds'. There a clan in the living rock caverns, so much easier mining with them! Also, those were some pretty awesome glitches! LOL so weird!

  2. Those are some crazy pics, it kinda makes you feel insignificant doesn't it.