Sunday, January 31, 2010

Millionaire Farmer

Today started early with me having about 2 hours to kill before church so I hopped into Canting where it was a full house! Someone alerted that a strange sapling was on the loose and ended up being at the Ranging Guild so off I went to nurture the tree along with Merchy and a couple others. It came to life shortly after.

Yew!! Woohoo!! How exciting! I quickly burned a ring around it (I always bring 8 kindling with me) and then chopped away, cutting roots as they popped up near me. As the tree came to and end I just knew I'd get a clue scroll.

Sure enough, I did! It was a level 1 but I was feeling luck on my side. My first clue sent me to some drawers in a house in Taverly. OK, easy enough. The next clue was to search drawers in Fally. Haha! Off I went to the neighboring city and soon found it. It then told me to "speak to Hans to solve this clue." Keep in mind there's like 5 minutes until a Fremmy/Lunar star that a couple of Canters were going to. I home teled and soon found Hans. I clicked on him and heard that triumphant music that plays when a clue is finished. I looked up...

...and then screamed and fell out of my chair. There staring back at me was a Gilded Black Platebody. I didn't know how much it was but I knew that it was mighty dang good. I was spamming Canting with "!!@!*#!#!@!!!!!@#*$%$*" and finally spewed out the good news. I then did a quick price check and about cried:

!!!!!!! A 661k clue!!!! From a level ONE!!!!!!! Oh my goodness Guthix was on my side today!!! This is one of the best clues I've ever had, and a level 1!!!!! @@@@@!!!! I rushed to the GE where I sold it and the studded body, netting a very high number of GP. I was now about 300k short from the 20m coins mark. :-D

I headed out to Miscellania and soon got word that the star fell in Lunar. Luckily I brought armour and food and even though I got hit hard the suqahs hardly made a dent! Woot! Note to self: Veracs is loads better than agile clothing for defence. LOL!

Merchy was wearing her full BA gear and I just *had* to get a picture of her freaking adorable hat!! It's too cute! The guy in the mogre hat there said it was "his natural hair" due to "an unfortunate accident." LOL!

After church I logged back in and lots of people were still around. I decided to check my scope and was surprised when it read "Kandarin, 1-3." I quickly told Canting and Merchy and Kitra were ready to hop all over it so I told someone to take Coal Trucks since it's far, far away from everything. It fell so I went to Yanille, where it wasn't. Suddenly Merchy, who had gone to coal trucks, said it was there! Yay! We happily went and chatted with some nice stargoers and were probably 15 minutes off being able to turn in dust for the day. LOL! Oh well more stars where that came from...

I then decided to go Rhoonkreftin for a change. 12 glories and 2 abyssal familiars later I had myself over 2k death runes. I then did another farm run and collected quite a bit of toadflax. Finally it was time for the big moment. I was going to break 20m in GP. 2k deaths and 200 toadflax later, I had myself about 1.7m. I am proud to say I now have 21m. :-) Woop woop!! I can afford both pieces of Arma (not both at once) and am about 1m shy of tassets. I'm going to save up for the DFS first then work from there. Holy crap farming has made me a millionaire! If 200 toadflax is over 900k, and I still have 100 seeds left, who knows what insane money I could net with it!

I also decided to try my first "merch experiment..." I have no clue if this is smart or not but I tried selling the 2 muddy keys I had and they wouldn't sell so I took out 100k and bought 22 more! I might try to sell them back or just go to the wildy and get the stuff. Those rubies look nice... Hmmm....

Well I have the day off tmorrow so I'm hoping for that big update! I really REALLY hope there's a clan list update! That would be awesome. I'm thinking the new skill is coming out as well and the soul altar and I know the Orb of Oculus is coming out this week for sure. Merxy thinks another animation pack is coming. Whatever it is, there will be multiple new goodies I'm sure.

I hope the updates are...


Until next time...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amazing Friends // Surprise of a Day!

Today I woke up very distraught over some rl business that happened earlier. No worries, it was a personal thing and I'm totally OK but all day I was freaking out. It was most unpleasant so I thought some RS would help. :P

I want to send out a HUGE HUGE HUGE thankyou to Kitty Molly and Merch Gwyar. Your open ears put a smile on my face and really helped me a lot. I am SOOOOO honored to have you two as some of my best friends on RS. Huge thanks also to Bigbigsniper for making me laugh as well. I'd do the heart symbol but it messes with the coding so I'll go with {{{{{{HUGS!}}}}}} instead.

Anyways, I started off with some more farming and upon talking to Kitty was persuaded to kill some dwogres in the little dwogre place. I've always been reluctant and scared to go due to the rude people I always hear about but with Kitty's winning smiles and kind words I decided to go. It wasn't too bad except I didn't bring enough food and I was pretty understocked in ppots. I did manage to get 200 cannon shots in the short while that I was there. No hand cannons or d picks though. It was still really fun and I'd love to go again when I have access to the unicorn! :P

After that we didn't know what to do so Kitty took a break and I hopped to several worlds to sell Mike some bunyip scrolls, buy 300k worth of pie shells from Helm360, and finally ended up on Merchy's world where she was on the tail end of battling a very ignorant and misinformed person at the GE. A ton of us hopped to report this guy and soon he was gone and all was well in Edgeville. I kept feeling like I wanted to talk to Merchy alone so we went into my CC and I gushed all about the rl stuff that had happened. She was sooo kind and supportive and was willing to help me sort through all the yuck and move on. It made my day to know people care. :-)

I can tell when I'm becoming good friends with someone because we start speaking alike and saying the same things. Like for instance this:

We were talking about doing dailies and Bork was mentioned. Somehow, by some alignment of planets, or possibly Osai and Terabi working together, Merchy and I managed to construct the exact same sentence at the exact same time. It's almost freaky how our wording is virtually identical. Way to go us!! That also made me feel loads better. :-)

Anyways a star was falling and a ton of people were in Canting so we all decided to go do it. There were plenty of other people doing it too and it fell at the Nat mine. Being the little historian that I am I just had to document the Canters that were there!

I always like a picture from the back or side... not sure why. Anyways, from left to right we have Burn Zilyana (a random peep at the time who joined in afterwards), Oldmaroon, Dr Leviathan, Full Of Pie, Merch Gwyar, ODST Isaac, Eman0151, Chodesworth, and Rafftank. We were a hawt group!

I then wanted to get a picture from the front so I had everyone shout their name and then took a pic. Then big fireworks went off. Like the kind that are audible to everyone. The "I-Just-Got-99" fireworks. Huh????

Surprise!!! Dr Leviathan had chosen that very moment to get 99 Slayer. We all knew he was close but whoa!!! The air was filled with "omg" and "wtf" and finally "gratz!!!!!" or a combination of the three. We all ran over to Kuradal but there was a slight problem which I knew about. If you haven't opened your dragon forge, you will be on a different plane of existence than those who got the key from WGS, used it on a mith dragon, and got the forge open and running. Well wouldn't'cha know... neither Merchy nor Levi have opened it but I have so the only person I could see was Eman. The problem was quickly solved as a party commenced at Levi's house.

We got Burn Zilyana to go with us and admired Levi's brand new cape. :-) When I got there, Merchy and Levi were battling it out: Levi's butterfly net vs Merchy's bare hands. It was pretty funny to watch! :P She then fought Eman for a bit and I got in on the action too, just barely killing Levi with my cutlass as he was fighting Eman. LOL!

He had a very nice dungeon with his lvl 90 Con and even had a dagannoth so I was able to finally do this semi-naughty pose that I've been waiting forever to do, since Peekyface got rid of his dag before I could do it.

Merchy and I stayed long enough for a grand tour of his house. Here he is showing us the picture of his "wife, who was killed." This of course is a reference to Blood Runs Deep.

We ended by chatting in the parlour. I got to sit on the rocking chair! It was making me dizzy watching it and my limbs were laughably spastic. I couldn't say "spastic" on Runescape... Wonder why... You can say spaz now so what gives? Oh well it was a lot of fun and we all joked that these pics and others like it will appear on like... everyone's blogs tomorrow. :P

I had to leave after that because I had a concert to play at and didn't like any of the songs except the first one which is in the same style as Lord of the Dance. We actually played a great concert and dinner afterward was very fun. :-) It was nice and short and it was actually snowing as I drove to the school and back. Ugh! Snow is most disorienting to drive in when it's dark. It's so hypnotic... Oh well we all made it safely and I was reminded that I have friends here who love me too. :-)

I am tired so I'm going to go to bed now. I wonder what tomorrow has in store! :-)

Until next time...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shade Burning and St00f

Wow! I logged in yesterday to find myself mid-clue. I solved it and got 23 rune bolts, a rune cbow, 27 cooked sharks, and 49 nats. Woot! I then played a ton of Temple Trekking and after I got tired of it I set off to burn all the vyres and shades that I got. For some reason I got the shade event a ton!

They just line up in a neat little row for me to kill!

I have decided to buy sacred oil and use it on any mage logs I cut from now on to be used for Fiyr shade burning. I still had 20 remains left plus the 50+ Riyl shades and 17 "sleepy vyre" corpses to burn. I love watching their souls get released. It's awesome! Oh hey speaking of vyres I made this video a few weeks ago and it's me killing/burning vyres:

Anyways, as I was gathering supplies I met up with Coopee4, gave him a Snelm, and then posed for a photo op before I snelm-bombed the GE to the delight of a peep or two.

Then it was time for the proper shade burning to commence! I love getting large piles of coins!

I got a snap herb, dwarf weed seed, and rune med among goodies from the vyres and looked at my burn count. It's somewhere around 160. Yay! I need to camp at them and get up to 200! Good thing my kingdom is on maples... Fast and easy place to get plenty of logs to burn vyres with. I then spent a long time getting shade keys and got quite an assortment of addy and mith armour and weapons. From the 20 silver keys I got a rune skimmy and 2 rune chains among things. From the black keys I got tons of armour and then... a clue scroll!

My bank was maxed on space so it was awkward getting everything to fit until I could dismiss the bird and go to the GE but I managed to do it. Surprisingly most everything sold on the GE instantly! Woohoo! I got some cash plus some lucky people got mith and addy armour and weapons that most would alch or drop. There's still a funny graphic glitch that occurs when you use the collection box from a bank and a picture of a medium helm.

Look at the top right corner. It's missing half its face! I wouldn't count on that protecting me... LOL! The chainbody below it looks pretty weird too, like a vase. If you're wondering, when I have lots of stuff to sell I fill up the 6 slots then go to "collect banker" so I can just click on the coins and empty the slots out quickly. I think I have a spear and 2 Asyn shades in the other top slots and a rune skimmy and some square shield in the bottom 2 slots.

I set off to do the lvl 2 clue not expecting much and then I got my reward and about did a backflip in my chair.

ADDY PL8BODY (T)!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! That's the first time I've ever gotten a trimmed piece of armour off a clue!!!!!!!!! EVER!!! Wooooooot!! I was happy for the teak planks as well!

So, the night ended and the next day of RS began with some farming. After that I didn't know what to do but Merchy had just posted a blog that she went hunting. Aha! Thanks for indirectly helping me decide what to do! I set off for black sallies to get that 40k till 72. I eventually got rev'd (not hit at all yay!) and teleported away even though I was teleblocked. Woohoo for forinth! Cat told me of a Canifis star and someone named Full Of Stix there. I just had to meet him so I hopped worlds and there he was!! I got a pic of course:

I had him and Armyy (known now as "Mr Tyke-oon," used to be Armydude07) waltzing with me. Armyy is the one with the varrock armour and Full Of Stix has the godsword. Sabre Mark looked on. So happy to meet another "full of..." twin! I've only met one before him, my friend Full Of Pure. This guy's nice! :D

After he left Armyy didn't know what to do so I suggested we go to black sals together. I told him to "wear what I was wearing" (blk dhide, forinth, etc) and he took it literally! :P

As soon as we arrived I noticed a grave so I automatically blessed it. About 10 minutes later a random peep runs by thanking me. His name was like "XxmiguelXx08" or something like that. He spent the whole time we were there killing the ogre with nothing but a spear (no armour) and just saying random stuff as it came to him. It was a nice tune to catch sallies to.

OK, 20k till lvl. Now 10k. 8k! 4k! 2k! 800! 150!!! Fireworks!!!!!

One level from ninja, 4 from pirate, 5 from grenwall, and 8 from c5s! :D 1975 total lvl too!! :D

After that Armyy and I left to do some fishing. We met uo with our friend Merashi and fished monks. After a while my friend Bridled Ruin (known to me as BestBuddy), told me to fish with him in the guild so I hand-fished some swords and tuna for temple trekking. I then did part of a farm run but my java crashed again so I gave up for the night, but not before buying tons of forge regent pouches and scrolls off my friend Mike. Thanks Mike!! I gotta play some Soulwars now!

Time to go to bed a little "early." I need to get up "early" to get ready for the band clinic our college runs. Nothing like an open rehearsal to make your life complete. Plus today and tomorrow I had to help run the trombone clinic which was more of an informal chat than anything... Four of us trombone players played a quartet and then talked about stuff, I did a spiel on the Bass Trombone, blah blah blah. Sooo stressful as two had to leave right then so it was unorganized, plus 3 of us ran from orchestra across campus. Oh well, tomorrow should go smoother.... I hope! :P

I leave you with a picture of Peekyface borrowing my house to make a penguin suit for cold war. I have no clue why, but I love the goatee. Especially when it sticks out from masks, helmets, and hoods. His outfit today was no exception. What's wrong with me?? LOL!!

See the beard? LOL! This was taken yesterday mid-temple trekking. I also saved a fellow canter (nez......? [not Nezantra, the other nez]) from dying at metals by giving him food and gave my cousin some food. I'm so generous! Can't wait till tomorrow!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Temple Trekking Rocks!

Today I did a couple farm runs and got the urge to play one of my very favorite minigames. I don't know why exactly but hey, why not! I gathered the necessary gear and began to play Temple Trekking.

Since I am a Quest Sister (don't even bring up nomad -.-) I am able to do Burgh De Rott Ramble as well so I can just go in an endless loop of escorting Smiddi and the Woman-At-Arms down the long "route 1" as it's called. I got lumberjack boots! Only the top left to get until the full set! It better come soon! I got lumberjacks twice (boots both times), nail beasts twice (woot free 10k summon xp from the charms!), the ghastly event a few times, and about a zillion bogs. I also got the snake event a lot, netting me almost 100 hides. I'm not done! I plan to do this again tomorrow until I either get bored or get the lumberjack top, whichever comes first.

Speaking of the snake event, did you know that there is a HILARIOUS glitch that occurs when you apparently kill the snake that is attacking your follower? Vaskor has a picture on his blog of it and my dad showed me a couple times. Well, I remembered so I had my cameras rolling for every time I got the snake event to catch this priceless glitch on film. The result? Another one of these:

Haha!! I was laughing so hard IRL!! So many ways I want to describe this, but I can only do it with sound effects so the video will have to do. I'm almost glad it hasn't been patched yet because it's awesome! Oh, and do you like my snelm? I think it's funny. :P

It's late and I need to head to bed... I wonder what tomorrow has in store... Quest? Skill? Update? Nothing?? I'll more than likely be leveling something or other...

I leave with you another cute quote from Peekyface:

He likes to start everything with "D0000000d" which always makes me laugh. Then he says something hilarious. As you can see me and Kitty were discussing the update at the same time. We're keeping the rumor of Sailing alive, even if it's just between the two of us. ;-)

Until next time...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Questing a Bit More

I've been really antsy lately... not wanting to play much but wanting to do something.... Soon I could deny it no longer. That questbeast in me was wanting to come out! After some farm runs, fishing, and RCT2 later I decided I'd better hop to it. I grabbed full blue dhide, flippers, defence cape, and a sailor hat. Gotta do a dangerous quest in style!

I left off in the water room so after countless shuffles and having to abandon ship for a weapon and some more pray pots, I finally did it!!

Psst! Here's my solution! I moved a piece and boom! It's been long enough that I think it's ok to show how I did it. :-)

As always the conversations in this quest continue to crack me up. XD

Wow the hat totally clashes with my hair... Oh well! Love the face on the last one too :P

Next I was off to do the waterfall thing. It was so easy that I got a bit of it on film.

THEN.... It was time for the decaying avatar! The roots was simple and I was prepared for a LONNNNGGGGGG fight... Did I say long? My dad came in and hung out with me while I slowly killed it. I let it eat the roots because, well, I need the xp. :P I did get some pretty good hits with my ruby bolts though, plus about 20k range xp!

After about 15 minutes, tons of ruby and broads, and allll my prayer and ppots on eagle eye later I was greeted with this:

Yay!! I was so worried I'd have to bank but I didn't.

After that I was in a room filled with dinosaurs and had to have piety on. I took a pic but copied over it. Oh well... It was a bad pic anyway. My dad convinced me to suicide at nomad to see what he's like, so I went there with a couple casts of fire wave left over from that one spot which I auto-retaliated on him. They all splashed of course. I had lots of swords and managed to make it up to his first 75, which was like 10 seconds into the fight. I only had 24 hp left so obviously I died. I died in style though!

At least now I know how he works. I plan to take all his hits like a man! I appeared back in SW where my grave had feet!

I'm debating going into the fight with flippers. It wouldn't make much of a difference so I think I will! I feel like my grave is going to get up and walk away! My sailor's hat disappeared so I had to run back to Pt Sarim to get it back. I want it! LOL!

Well I am off to bed now and hope there's some good update tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's some sea slug quest. I hope it's funner than this nomad quest and that it isn't as big of a pain in the rear as Kennith's Concerns. Seriously, that quest kept me from a questcape for what felt like ever! Ugh!

Until next time...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Black Dragon Madness!!

Yesterday was a crazy day and was a lot of fun. It first started out with me happening on an evil yew! As it was just north of Shilo, it was hit hard with natcrafters and their Graahks.

There were at least 6 circling the tree at one point!

After that my friend Mike (Bigbigsniper) invited me to kill black dragons with him in the chicken lair. How could I say no to that! I did some farm runs then made my way to the lair with 16 imp-in-a-box, a terrorbird for when the imps and inventory space ran out, broad and emerald bolts, Karils, Robin, Flippers, etc. I accidentally brought Jade bolts the first time... Whoops! Falling rocks is NOT better than poison in this situation!

Anyway I found an empty world and Mike and I were ranging away. I took my favorite safespot in the back and was happily ranging when suddenly trouble struck. Mike had died. He frantically pm'd me telling me to bless his grave, which I did and then made fun of him. :P He came back with a pray pot for me and was very grateful. We went back to our killing and not 10 minutes later he once again pm's me telling me to bless his grave. What?? OK. So I go bless his grave which leaves my dragon half health which then got stolen by someone else and messed up my routine. Oh well, I would gladly sacrifice any dragon for the safely of a friend. After a while we were settled and I was on a roll! These dragons were dropping pretty fast and I was getting some much needed range xp.

Mike eventually stole my "spot" and began to kill a dragon. Unluckily for him another dragon came from the side and started attacking him so he auto-retaliated on him. I failed to get his attention and it was very obvious that he was afk. No amount of cyber shouting was going to get his attention so I started shooting the dragon he was originally killing and watched as he continually got hit and, yes, died a THIRD time. I laughed as I blessed his grave and it was about another minute before he even noticed he was dead. LOL!

He was so grateful that I was there for him to save him THREE times! He remarked in Canting that he would never do a black dragon task without me nearby. LOL! I love to help others even when they make some silly mistakes. It's just what I do. Notice his grave in the picture above. Hehe. I ran out of room and left to do something else but I'm pretty sure Mike didn't die anymore after that. :P

So that all happened last night. Today, I played for just a short time. Merchy was on along with a ton of people so it was fun to chat while doing some farming. I got my dad to assist me in some Sara brews so now I am a little closer in being prepared for Nomad. I also made over 500k off a farm run, 50 toadflax, and some potions and now have 18m cash! :D I'm afraid to spend any of it! I've never had this much cash and I am eagerly awaiting getting enough for a DFS. Wheee!!

In other news, I did another evil yew later on and got a raven egg from an oak I cut afterwards! Woot! I am also less than 100k to 84 farming now! Yay! Plus, Eman got 85 Agility so we can run barb together! Happy dance!!

I leave you with this funny. I will probably play more later on but want to take a short break.

I had just finished the circus and almost instantly got the lederhosen random so I was happy about the 750 extra herby xp. That led to somi talking about how he puts his lamps on Slayer because "99 slayer is like shooting for the moon," upon which Levi does what he does best, and that is insert a one liner at just the right moment. He can be silent for hours and then says something awesome! He reminds me a lot of Vik. He's the same way. I loved Isaac's followup comment too. LOL!

Until next time...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Daddy Did It!!

Today, as I was on the bus on the way home from school, I received a text that this happened:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! GRATZ DADDY YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was soooooo excited! LOL!! He then proudly wore his soulwars cape to his Dark Beast task. He totally said he was giving up and basically said "stuff the questcape!" but he got it back!!!!!! Yay yay yay!!! He said it took 20 tries and he didn't use a BOB, just a swamp titan, claiming it took too long to drop empty vials. He only used ruby bolts and didn't hide from the 75 hits (because he was too slow to hide the first few times he tried). He drank a superset, range pot, etc, and boosted his hp before he even went in. I think he took 20 brews and 8 restores. He was ready to give up and get 95 prayer before trying again but on that last run he did it! He had on every leech prayer he could and said it helped quite a bit. Hmmmmm...

Now I feel a bit more confident it doing this quest. :P

I spent my time on RS today doing my pinata task. I had 233 of them! They were much nicer this time than the last time I had them and dropped me 2 gmauls and 2 ferocious rings! Woot! It only took 3 bunyips because I hit so darn high now! :D Extra 600k in my pocket now and am quick approaching 18m in cash! :-) While I was there I got this message in chat:

LOL!! Someone who reads Merchy's blogs found my blog and told me she about died when she saw the names of 2 of her good friends mentioned. I recognized her name and I soon found out she is, go figure, a major SC fan. :-) I'll no doubt run into her on my con/smiff/crafting adventures. :P I thought that was kind of neat. :-)

Well I am very tired so I'll go recharge on my sleep now. I got my stitches out and now it looks like I have an infected cut instead of a wide gap where my skin was spliced. LOL! I was given some ointment to soften the scar so it should heal nice and light. Also, haha my cat is on my bed snoring away! She squeaks!

Until next time...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I got onto Runescape after school and did my clue scroll. It was a good one; I ended up getting all 3 different slidey puzzles, all which were basically half done (woot!) and only had three wildy clues. The first wild clue told me to dig just north of the cobweb off the Edgy/Ardy tele. I grabbed my wildy clue gear- black dhide, ardy cloak, flippers, whip, shield, forinth, and the coordinate stuff. As soon as I teled I saw the icy dart in slow motion. I was prepared this time with lots of monkfish and an antipoison because let's not forget my epic death immortalized for all youtube to see from the last time I went clue scrollin in the wildy. I could hear the dissonant sound that the rev makes when it fires magic attack and then this came into view:

Saaiill!! Not one, not two, not three.... but FOUR orks!!! Auuuuuuggghhhh!!!! Tele tele tele!!! I turned off auto retaliate and luckily they didn't do much damage to me. I swear the lever was like... one pixel in size and it took forever to click on it. I hopped and continued on without trouble.

Of course I got that 3 volcano x marks the spot clue again. You know, the one that I DIED on last time? I ran from the lever this time and was packed with food. Well, wouldn'tcha know a knight was waiting for me. Ugh. I got hit a 29, I remember that. And a bunch of high 20's after that. Good thing I had food and I was able to safely get to the mage arena without dying this time. LOL!

Several puzzles and finally dark warrior fortress later, I got blk dhide top and legs, rune cbow, mage short, and 13 lobs. Not too bad! I then loaded up my Balmung and went to pwn some dags. I had 170 for my task and I though I'd play around with Piety, seeing as I'm on regspells to get me to do the quest. I did hit a nice big 46 :D

I ended up finishing my entire task in less than two bunyips and without banking at all. Woot! I stayed after until my bunyip ran out before leaving. I got 9 toadflax seed, a dwarf weed seed, and many kwuarm seeds among the goodies. I even got a loop half from a casket! Yay! I made small talk with some nice people that were also slaying and told them about how awesome the Balmung is. It's like a free godsword! I'm totally not used to hitting 30's and 40's, being the whippersnapper defence noob that I am! :P

Oh yeah!! And something important happened at dags! I'll let the pictures tell the story:

Woop woop!! Being 6k till from the dustie and abby spec tasks before, I was expecting the 83 Str. I was NOT, however, expecting more fireworks and the cool combat lvlup music. Woot!!! Time to experience life in the 120's. :D

After that task I got somewhere around 230 hellhounds. Yay! I brought 4 bunyips and camped out there with my whip. My dad also had hellies so we slayed together and acted like complete dorks. Even better, I ended up on somisareg's world and he was right next door at greaters! I set the Balmung to attack as soon as I got the Str level so I was only 30k till 83 when I arrived. I soon got this!!!

Yay!!! 1974 total level!! My Hitpoints xp is about to beat cooking too! I finished my task netting billions of gold charms and about 8 of the others and a clue scroll and FINALLY another ring! Yay! I got 210 kalphites and I basically said stuff that so I canceled and got 230+ gargs. Sweetness!

Time for bed! I get my stitches out tomorrow so that will be sweet. My little wound looks great! My right hand is doing better although my pointer finger is still swollen and bruised. Hmmmm... Anyways, good night!

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spectre Task

Today I got on and decided to use my hawt green whip on my Spectre task. I was 5k from 82 Slayer so it wasn't long before I got this:

Woot!!! Now pieing at Abby Demons won't be so bad! Although with the whip merch they'll be totally packed. o.O Whips are like... 10m now! A ton of people told me to sell mine. Why? I use it! I don't like to sell stuff just because it raises in price. I'd rather keep it thanks. Plus, it's green anyway!

Lesko Diamond would be proud.

Anyways... While I was there I had this mild woot moment:

I pretty much stared at it for a minute before deciding to take a screenie. LOL! Too bad the cute little red fringe got covered by the right click. :P

When I was there I saw a yellow whip for the first time so I decided to take pics of all the colors. They're not great quality, so you'll have to use your imagination, but here they all are:

White, courtesy of High Rolla23

Yellow, courtesy of Arrow Hunk

Greenie green!! Courtesy of myself :P

Blue, courtesy of ShsSlayer
It's really hard to tell but he has a blue one. I'm still happy over that AGS lend :D

I got an "outtake" of the yellow one but it made for an epic picture so I'll share it anyways:


I'm doing well on my "not playing RS until the wee morning" routine so I'm off and going to bed. I got 170 Dagannoths and a guaranteed Str level tomorrow. Woohoo!!

Until next time...