Sunday, January 10, 2010

Untitleable... Plus Rune and Runecrafting

The past few days I've been doin a little of this, a little of that, and a TON of rhoonkreftin! I'm down to about 40k pure ess left, out of 62k! :-)

Yesterday I went clue scrollin, which involved several deep wildy clues and ending in Elf Camp, but not before getting one of my favorite clues:

It's so funny getting a clue from a camel! I got 28 mog planks (yay!) and some rune nails (woot!) along with a Guthix pg 1, black chaps, mage short, rune legs... I have quite a collection of nails going. My and Kitty love keeping the rumor of Sailing alive ;-) Stuff the fact that it's been shot down, it's still fun to speculate that the new skill really is Sailing!

Speaking of new skill, I've been waiting for an update all week! Cmon, give my computer something to spend 20 minutes loading for! I want a farming update! FTP3!! Sailing!!! :-P

This morning (afternoon, whoops slept till 1 again) I got up ready for some Rhoonkreftin!! I had a dream all night long that I was rcing in the abyss, mainly because it's what I did all day yesterday. LOL! First I got geared up and went to the Hero's Guild to recharge the glories. That's when I saw them. The stars aligned and the rune rocks were in! And I had my pick!! Oh great day!!

After my happy spamming messages to Kitty over getting the rune rocks, I was off to begin an exciting adventure. So it began, and then my power went out. Dang. Lucky I was at the bank and not in the abyss... o.O Turns out the power outage took out half of the city so it wasn't just us. I took a shower (awkward as there was no fan) and then got ready to go to the mall. The power came back on before that but I went anyway. :-P

I came back just in time for my friend, Merxese, to get his first 99. He's been going for 99 Str since I got 99 Defence and I know how much it meant to him. He got it in the same place I got my 99- in my combat ring. Way to go Merxy Babe!!!!! You did it!!!!!!!!

I then proceeded to craft over 2,000 death runes, trying out an abyssal familiar which worked well and the extra banking wasn't awkward at all :-) I'm now 14k until 72! Wowie! I haven't even used penguins on it since I got 70! I am lovin this and I am also lovin the cash I am getting. That and the 4 snap seeds I farmed, plus the record breaking 12 Torstol I got from the troll patch today, plus ALL of the herbs I grew that I got off the dag task, has netted me near 15m already. Yay!!

After some number crunching, I realized that I could finally get 81 Summoning. I just happened to mine a ton of addy and make it into bars yesterday so 80 addy mino's were on the menu. After that I was 50k till so I turned them in for shards and did the granite trick. 169 granite lobsters and one accidental alching of my chisel later, I had it!

Woot!! And finally I was getting closer to my mining level. The living rock cave was out, considering it annihilated my compy when I went last time so I've been aggressively doing stars lately. 20k till, 2 or 3 stars down, 10k till. I then realized that 86 Con gets me another room and therefore phase 4/5 of my dungeon done so I cashed in some points for 5 tools, bought 700k worth of mog planks off the GE, and began working on it whilst waiting for a Misthalin star with Fuge and Aqua. It fell at Champs and I got lots of XP off it, but not quite enough. I met some nice people at the star though which is always nice :-)

Fuge had hopped to help a friend and told me of a Neit s6 star. I hopped and mined it and finally got that level!

I didn't get the runite there :-( However I was perfectly content with the 2 I got today and the 6 I got yesterday from mining addy in that dwarf place. Unpopulated worlds FTW!

It's obscenely late/early in the morning so I am going to go to bed but first I leave you with this funny:

This led to an amazing conversation about awkward moments :-P

Until next time...

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