Monday, January 18, 2010


For the past couple days I have been antsy- wanting to play RS but not knowing what exactly to do. Should I farm? RC? Agilify? Fish??

I decided to start with some farm runs. Grr... A ton of my toadflax died... Oh well, I still got plenty! I snapped a funny pic of me and a peep picking herbs at the same time, although the other peep was turned so it looks like he's giving me a backrub! Haha, he's even a Defence Brother!After that and some fishing, I finally had the stuff to make 100 bunyips which I desperately needed! I then decided to go ahead and do my garg task. It was some high number in the 200's but it went better than I remember in tasks past and I even got to slay with my dad, and watch him get 96 Str and 131 cb!! Woohoo!! Finally the task was over... Not one ring, gmaul, or mystic top. Grrr! Oh well I got loads of blue charms and of course mounds of Att/Str/Def/Hp xp. :P

My task ended just in time for my friend Dalton to get 99 Attack! He wanted to borrow my house and I was more than happy to oblige and show off. :-P

He's the chick (yes female rs character) in the lava cape. I'm in the bottom right corner spamming my traditional green "@@@@" that I do at everyone's 99 party. It was so fun to show off my newest additions to the dungeon including my new altar which they happily used. He now adds another 99 to his impressive list. Cmon, Defence next! I'm pretty sure he'll get herblore next... He's high enough for overload so he's more than halfway there.

After that I was increasingly antsy and I eventually figured out that I was in a questing mood. Go figure. So, I broke the red text and finally started Nomad's Requim, which I have already dubbed as Tz Tok Nomad.

I got to watch Mr. Nomad pwn some nubs and learn how he charges for the giant hit. I accidentally examined the "ex-adventurer" instead of his backpack and had a good laugh out of this:
Hahahaha OWNED!!!! :P

Anyways I didn't want to get real in depth since it was well past 1am. I was in world 9 at that point and was very surprised to see a game of Soulwars up and running! World 9 is an unofficial tie world and they actually do a pretty good job of keeping it a tie. Basically people camp at jellies and just kill each other at the obelisk but leave the avatars alone. I was only 30k or so from a hitpoints level so I brought out a Forge Regent and its scrolls and "played for hp."

This pic was obviously at the end of a game... The obelisk is empty! If there's one thing I love more than pickpocketing a large wad of runes from people in SC, it's using the Forge Regent spec to disarm people of their shield and weapon. It's so awesome when it works! I disarmed many a shield, godsword, defender, all kinds of things! Of course I also brought a change of clothes (black dhide) and some jade bolts and had fun with the cool boulder knockdown spec to entertain myself with when my forge regent left.

Three games and 6 zeal later, I was very excited to have this under my picture in the Adventurer's Log:

Woohoo!!! Why am I most excited? Because now Tz Tok Nomad will hit me for 90! I think 90 is a much better number than 89. It's whole and seems less than 89... LOL! Plus that's one extra hitpoint that will most likely come in handy. Tomorrow I might take a crack at Tz Tok Nomad... I hope I'm not too pansy to do it and git-r-done. If I am then I'll just train my range some more and come back. :-P

Until next time...

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