Sunday, January 31, 2010

Millionaire Farmer

Today started early with me having about 2 hours to kill before church so I hopped into Canting where it was a full house! Someone alerted that a strange sapling was on the loose and ended up being at the Ranging Guild so off I went to nurture the tree along with Merchy and a couple others. It came to life shortly after.

Yew!! Woohoo!! How exciting! I quickly burned a ring around it (I always bring 8 kindling with me) and then chopped away, cutting roots as they popped up near me. As the tree came to and end I just knew I'd get a clue scroll.

Sure enough, I did! It was a level 1 but I was feeling luck on my side. My first clue sent me to some drawers in a house in Taverly. OK, easy enough. The next clue was to search drawers in Fally. Haha! Off I went to the neighboring city and soon found it. It then told me to "speak to Hans to solve this clue." Keep in mind there's like 5 minutes until a Fremmy/Lunar star that a couple of Canters were going to. I home teled and soon found Hans. I clicked on him and heard that triumphant music that plays when a clue is finished. I looked up...

...and then screamed and fell out of my chair. There staring back at me was a Gilded Black Platebody. I didn't know how much it was but I knew that it was mighty dang good. I was spamming Canting with "!!@!*#!#!@!!!!!@#*$%$*" and finally spewed out the good news. I then did a quick price check and about cried:

!!!!!!! A 661k clue!!!! From a level ONE!!!!!!! Oh my goodness Guthix was on my side today!!! This is one of the best clues I've ever had, and a level 1!!!!! @@@@@!!!! I rushed to the GE where I sold it and the studded body, netting a very high number of GP. I was now about 300k short from the 20m coins mark. :-D

I headed out to Miscellania and soon got word that the star fell in Lunar. Luckily I brought armour and food and even though I got hit hard the suqahs hardly made a dent! Woot! Note to self: Veracs is loads better than agile clothing for defence. LOL!

Merchy was wearing her full BA gear and I just *had* to get a picture of her freaking adorable hat!! It's too cute! The guy in the mogre hat there said it was "his natural hair" due to "an unfortunate accident." LOL!

After church I logged back in and lots of people were still around. I decided to check my scope and was surprised when it read "Kandarin, 1-3." I quickly told Canting and Merchy and Kitra were ready to hop all over it so I told someone to take Coal Trucks since it's far, far away from everything. It fell so I went to Yanille, where it wasn't. Suddenly Merchy, who had gone to coal trucks, said it was there! Yay! We happily went and chatted with some nice stargoers and were probably 15 minutes off being able to turn in dust for the day. LOL! Oh well more stars where that came from...

I then decided to go Rhoonkreftin for a change. 12 glories and 2 abyssal familiars later I had myself over 2k death runes. I then did another farm run and collected quite a bit of toadflax. Finally it was time for the big moment. I was going to break 20m in GP. 2k deaths and 200 toadflax later, I had myself about 1.7m. I am proud to say I now have 21m. :-) Woop woop!! I can afford both pieces of Arma (not both at once) and am about 1m shy of tassets. I'm going to save up for the DFS first then work from there. Holy crap farming has made me a millionaire! If 200 toadflax is over 900k, and I still have 100 seeds left, who knows what insane money I could net with it!

I also decided to try my first "merch experiment..." I have no clue if this is smart or not but I tried selling the 2 muddy keys I had and they wouldn't sell so I took out 100k and bought 22 more! I might try to sell them back or just go to the wildy and get the stuff. Those rubies look nice... Hmmm....

Well I have the day off tmorrow so I'm hoping for that big update! I really REALLY hope there's a clan list update! That would be awesome. I'm thinking the new skill is coming out as well and the soul altar and I know the Orb of Oculus is coming out this week for sure. Merxy thinks another animation pack is coming. Whatever it is, there will be multiple new goodies I'm sure.

I hope the updates are...


Until next time...

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  1. Muddy key... That brings back memories. That was the key used to scam people, they key that basically is worthless but you can convince people it is a rare find. Dropped by Chaos Dwarves it opens a chest in the lava maze. Content of said chest:
    Mithril bar
    Mithril dagger
    Uncut ruby
    Anchovy Pizza
    10 Chaos runes
    2 Death runes
    2 Law runes
    50 GP

    Maybe not a wise investment...