Monday, January 11, 2010

Money Spent, Money Made

Today I decided to indulge myself in one of my favorite skills. Being one of my favorites, it is also one of the most expensive. However, the rewards far outweighed the near 3m that I spent and I feel much better after spoiling myself with some nice eye candy.

Woot!! 86 Con!!!! The best part about this level? I can add another room!! Phase 4/5 of my dungeon is now complete!! So next time you are in my house, go check out my combat ring next to my lovely altar aligned to Bob to satisfy any immediate prayer needs. If you would like to offer bones then my lovely gilded altar is upstairs in my Love Shack. Otherwise, enjoy killing people in my dungeon and *not* running out of prayer. :-) I was going to get limestone for the statues but nah! Money is money and it can always be earned back. I went with medium marble statues. Someday (soon probably) I will upgrade to the outrageously 1m- priced large statues like I put in my main chapel. Until then, enjoy my dungeon with its new furnishings! Also, along with adding the large Guthix statues the other day, I moved my costume room again. It now sits more conveniently north of my Oubliette for much easier access of my Mystic, Robin, or whatever else I want to wear.

Now, Full Gangsta has demanded a mention in my blog and he just so happened to, inadvertantly, become part of a funny conversation with Pyromancery today. So, you two, consider yourselves mentioned. :-P

Full Gangsta has an iron dragon task and was asking me for advice. He was going to melee them and I said "Noooooooooooo!" I redirected him to using fire wave and randomly he tells me that they are doing damage to him with every hit despite my testimonial that they do not inflict damage. We soon realized that he forgot antifire so Pyromancery made a hilarious comment. It was too funny NOT to take a pic!

Anyways, being reduced to 12m (being rich makes pride fast...) was a bit unsettling, even though it's really the most cash I've had, EVER. So, to remedy that, I did a Rhoonkrefting run. I used an abyssal familiar this time from the start and managed to get 2,000 deaths off my 10 glories. Woot! I pocketed close to 800k from that, and got this!!!!!

I was in such a groove that I forgot I was about to level. The fireworks made me jump. LOL!!

Right at the start Kitty invited me to a M&M star which I of course couldn't refuse. It was an interesting Rott star to say the least... Oh well, it was fun! Have you ever seen those female RS peeps that wear a polar camo top and shorty shorts? Kitty brought along one of the "hoochie" tops and wore it with bandos tassets. It looks awesome. :-D

After the run of runes I was just in time for a sapling! It ended up being an evil oak north of Ard and a very nice person loaned me his D hatchet until logout because he had already gotten 100%. Thank you kind RS peep!!! Also, after much pleading (lol not really), I finally met Aximili E I in person! :-)
He hung out with me while I chopped the magic tree and my personal magic tree in Gnomey, even lending me his D hatchet, while we made nice small talk. It was fun! Eventually we parted ways and I went on to smelt over 1200 gold ore. I really wanted to sell it, but I wanted the crafting xp from making amulets, so I sucked it up and did it. Of course, I soloed a Kandarin star in the meantime which ended up lasting 35-40 minutes at coal trucks. I began work on the amulets after that and then finally logged off seeing as it was obscenely early in the morning once again.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing those amulets and then probably stringing them and selling them to the rogue. Most likely some Rhoonkreftin will commence. I can't believe it's 93k to a level already! It was like... 16k to a level not that long ago... Everything else will fall into place as it always does. That's one thing people like about me. It's hard to predict what I'll be doing when people ask! I really do train every skill! As for agility, I miss it, but I'm taking a break to stay sane. Just waiting for the right time to run it out.

In RL news, about my hand, the swelling has mostly gone down. I saw the doctor and he did some bloodwork and found some sign of inflammation or something so I am to see a rheumatologist... Fun... I'm just glad I can close my hand again! It's still a little puffy and stiff, and I can't close it into a really tight fist, but it's much less tender and doesn't look or feel like it's going to explode. LOL!

Until next time...

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  1. Lol! I look like a mad scientist in that pic.