Sunday, January 17, 2010

An 80 and 1970

Today started on the late side because I went shopping with my mom. I got some cute clothes! I first decided to finally go some agility! I was lonely though so instead of doing Barb I went to Brim where I was joined by Kamou and l THE MAN I (previously known as Pkin Quester, my friend Peeky's quest pure). It was comically awkward telling them my agility... I didn't fail much at first and even then I hardly failed at all! Kamou ended up getting not just 1 but 4 levels going from 40-44! Woohoo! Peeky went just long enough to decide to do Regicide. It didn't take him very long and I convinced him to do Roving Elves too. He is well in the middle of MEP1 now! He says his adventure log is ALL quests. He also said that, as a lvl 69, he has one less quest point than his friend who is in the 130's. Wowie!

While I was there, Merx PM'd me this hilarious message!

He went to Bandos with some buddies and the tanker lagged so he ended up getting hit a nice big 50. He then told me the above. Immediately after he said "I make myself laugh sometimes." Yes you do and me as well!

I got bored after 61 so I cashed in my tikkitz, got about 30k agility xp, and was off for some farm runs. I've been planting all this toadflax which nets me a HUGE profit. I mean, I spent 200k on 112 seeds and already made more than that back in one run, so 5 seeds. Woohoo! Of course I'm not selling any right now because I need them for Sara Brews. I also did a kingdom check and got 10 seednests, 11 ringnests, and a zammy egg to add to my collection. I got a yew seed! :D

So... I decided to plant that yew, plus the other one I got from that evil tree the other day. As I went back for my 2nd farm run I thought my yew would be done but it wasn't so I decided to kill some time and chop ivy. Well, look what happened!

Woot!! I got 82 wcing!!! I can now chop the cursed mage tree! I've gotta give that a go tomorrow. I wonder what it's like...

Sometime during the evening, I had my third blog runin! :D I had just teleported to Shilo, went afk to buy a dress, came back and saw this:

Yay!! I chatted with him for a bit and he was nice. :D He was just fishing in Shilo, which I've done many a time.

I then decided to suck it up and get 80 Firemaking. I hate training the blasted skill, but I can't rely on just evil trees! I discovered that it would cost me only about 200k and it was *only* 400-something yew logs to get that 90k xp so I bought them and made my way to the quiet town of Piscatoris to look like a dork with my two lines of fires. :-P

I decided to take a picture of my inventory, as I use a certain method to make this go better. I in fact use not one but FOUR tinderboxes, and they are set up in this OCD fashion:

Having a pattern when you light logs makes it *blaze* on by, hahaha! After my brief grumbly encounter with this skill, I got it!!!

Yay!! I am confident that 99.999% of my firemaking xp until I hit 92 will be from burning fiyr shades and vyres. Another skill hits 80 and I was left staring in awe at my beautiful total level:

Holy crap!!!! 1970!!! Didn't I JUST get 1960?? It's quickly approaching my birthyear! :D I think I'll have a huge party when that happens! Oh and I watched my dad get 87 Farming and therefore 1998 total level! Go dad!!

Sometime around there I did an evil tree with Twi in Fally. He took mining and Peeky was there because he needed a sapphire. It ended up being in Mining Guild and was s7 so Peeky got like 55 con or something instead. The star was packed and went fast but the people were chatty so it was fun.

After that I did some more farming and then spent loads of time fishing sharks for the bunyips I desperately need. As I was in the GE selling stuff to try to get the money (without tapping into my cash) for 11,000 shards my friend Fuge in Canting announced there was an evil yew in her world with NOBODY on it. I of course took this opportunity and hopped as fast as I could. Aqua decided to go as well and Fuge joined in after her farm run. It was just us and one random other guy, LOL!

Aren't we cute! In the fishing cape is Fuge5111 and Aquarianpixi is in the red. The guy, named kingmerch5 or something was hidden on the other side or hadn't shown up yet. He saw me cutting and left to "help me out." :-3

We make a great bunch of cuties!! :3

I logged off for the night with 22 minutes of Lep Magic waiting for me upon my next login. Sweet!

I am tired so I am calling it a day. Gnight y'all!

Until next time...

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