Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I got onto Runescape after school and did my clue scroll. It was a good one; I ended up getting all 3 different slidey puzzles, all which were basically half done (woot!) and only had three wildy clues. The first wild clue told me to dig just north of the cobweb off the Edgy/Ardy tele. I grabbed my wildy clue gear- black dhide, ardy cloak, flippers, whip, shield, forinth, and the coordinate stuff. As soon as I teled I saw the icy dart in slow motion. I was prepared this time with lots of monkfish and an antipoison because let's not forget my epic death immortalized for all youtube to see from the last time I went clue scrollin in the wildy. I could hear the dissonant sound that the rev makes when it fires magic attack and then this came into view:

Saaiill!! Not one, not two, not three.... but FOUR orks!!! Auuuuuuggghhhh!!!! Tele tele tele!!! I turned off auto retaliate and luckily they didn't do much damage to me. I swear the lever was like... one pixel in size and it took forever to click on it. I hopped and continued on without trouble.

Of course I got that 3 volcano x marks the spot clue again. You know, the one that I DIED on last time? I ran from the lever this time and was packed with food. Well, wouldn'tcha know a knight was waiting for me. Ugh. I got hit a 29, I remember that. And a bunch of high 20's after that. Good thing I had food and I was able to safely get to the mage arena without dying this time. LOL!

Several puzzles and finally dark warrior fortress later, I got blk dhide top and legs, rune cbow, mage short, and 13 lobs. Not too bad! I then loaded up my Balmung and went to pwn some dags. I had 170 for my task and I though I'd play around with Piety, seeing as I'm on regspells to get me to do the quest. I did hit a nice big 46 :D

I ended up finishing my entire task in less than two bunyips and without banking at all. Woot! I stayed after until my bunyip ran out before leaving. I got 9 toadflax seed, a dwarf weed seed, and many kwuarm seeds among the goodies. I even got a loop half from a casket! Yay! I made small talk with some nice people that were also slaying and told them about how awesome the Balmung is. It's like a free godsword! I'm totally not used to hitting 30's and 40's, being the whippersnapper defence noob that I am! :P

Oh yeah!! And something important happened at dags! I'll let the pictures tell the story:

Woop woop!! Being 6k till from the dustie and abby spec tasks before, I was expecting the 83 Str. I was NOT, however, expecting more fireworks and the cool combat lvlup music. Woot!!! Time to experience life in the 120's. :D

After that task I got somewhere around 230 hellhounds. Yay! I brought 4 bunyips and camped out there with my whip. My dad also had hellies so we slayed together and acted like complete dorks. Even better, I ended up on somisareg's world and he was right next door at greaters! I set the Balmung to attack as soon as I got the Str level so I was only 30k till 83 when I arrived. I soon got this!!!

Yay!!! 1974 total level!! My Hitpoints xp is about to beat cooking too! I finished my task netting billions of gold charms and about 8 of the others and a clue scroll and FINALLY another ring! Yay! I got 210 kalphites and I basically said stuff that so I canceled and got 230+ gargs. Sweetness!

Time for bed! I get my stitches out tomorrow so that will be sweet. My little wound looks great! My right hand is doing better although my pointer finger is still swollen and bruised. Hmmmm... Anyways, good night!

Until next time...

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  1. Congrats on 120 combat and 1974 total!

    As for the orks, I would have died of fright just looking at them. Go you for even remembering that there was a level there!