Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Temple Trekking Rocks!

Today I did a couple farm runs and got the urge to play one of my very favorite minigames. I don't know why exactly but hey, why not! I gathered the necessary gear and began to play Temple Trekking.

Since I am a Quest Sister (don't even bring up nomad -.-) I am able to do Burgh De Rott Ramble as well so I can just go in an endless loop of escorting Smiddi and the Woman-At-Arms down the long "route 1" as it's called. I got lumberjack boots! Only the top left to get until the full set! It better come soon! I got lumberjacks twice (boots both times), nail beasts twice (woot free 10k summon xp from the charms!), the ghastly event a few times, and about a zillion bogs. I also got the snake event a lot, netting me almost 100 hides. I'm not done! I plan to do this again tomorrow until I either get bored or get the lumberjack top, whichever comes first.

Speaking of the snake event, did you know that there is a HILARIOUS glitch that occurs when you apparently kill the snake that is attacking your follower? Vaskor has a picture on his blog of it and my dad showed me a couple times. Well, I remembered so I had my cameras rolling for every time I got the snake event to catch this priceless glitch on film. The result? Another one of these:

Haha!! I was laughing so hard IRL!! So many ways I want to describe this, but I can only do it with sound effects so the video will have to do. I'm almost glad it hasn't been patched yet because it's awesome! Oh, and do you like my snelm? I think it's funny. :P

It's late and I need to head to bed... I wonder what tomorrow has in store... Quest? Skill? Update? Nothing?? I'll more than likely be leveling something or other...

I leave with you another cute quote from Peekyface:

He likes to start everything with "D0000000d" which always makes me laugh. Then he says something hilarious. As you can see me and Kitty were discussing the update at the same time. We're keeping the rumor of Sailing alive, even if it's just between the two of us. ;-)

Until next time...

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