Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Star Crazy

Wow, where does time go! I end up posting at like... 3am...

This past few days has been spent rhoonkreftin and scoping/finding stars. Today (well Jan 4), after about 8k ess, I got this!!!

Woot woot!!! Level 1 of the 6 I should get from all this ess. I'm up to 11m cash so things are lookin good :-D The price of deaths dropped but I'm really not worried because it's still over double the price of pure essence.

Here's to lotsa rhoonkreftin to come!!!

Speaking of Rhoonkreftin..... I, my friends, have discovered Windows Movie Maker. Say hello to a new breed of ahaili's Runescape videos!! I decided to start a series where I do mundane tasks and set them to random, unfitting music. Episode one features Rhoonkreftin:

(edit: this vid didn't work quite right, see upper post)

Now, about stars, I've done upwards of 6 in the last two days! Something sparked me to scope and solo some stars on whatever world I was on. Even better if I can invite some friends to go along! Today started with a Fremmy star which I invited Ferus to do with me. I stayed at the scope till it was about to fall and went to Kelda. No star, but someone was sitting there so I stayed. Then they teled so I lyre'd to Rellekka and checked the fenced-in mine. There, staring back at me, was a big and untouched s6 star. Woot!! Finders!

Among those there that I knew were Ferus Deity in the lunar gear, Arwyn Fireye in the pink pants, and Jojododo9 in the void with the ardy cape. Andy Belmont, and his wolpertinger, Apples, were also there among a couple others. Very nice star and one of Ferus's first.

The next star of the day was very interesting. There were lots of SC regulars at it and they were very, very crabby. An argument broke out and people started insulting each other. Of course, me, Kitty and Arwyn just laughed and egged them on by being positive and smiley. :-) I got called a moron (Yes!! I'm a moron!!) and Kitty said something about having to get out the ruler upon which the lame comeback "go measure yourself!" was shot back, along with about 20 cries of "Get off rs!! Go outside!" Oh man it was funny! Afterwards we all started waltzing together in some kind of huge waltz moshpit and after several indignant cries of "W158 is still full of idiots!" the grumpypantses dispersed, leaveing me, Kitty, Aryn, and Andy.

Kitty dressed as a "hoochie" and got lots of crap from the grumpypants folks about it which was too funny! We played pattycake and chatted for a long time before heading to the Living Rock Caverns, as Arwyn had never been. We had a ton of fun and after a while I looked up and there was the patriarch!!

Yay!! The 3rd time killing him! Kitty was jealous and I wish her the next one! :-) Many great conversations were had in the cave:

OK so this isn't in the cave yet but it was as we were fixing to go. "Kill them until they die." LOL!

The "kill till dead" joke continued in the cave as we discussed good band names.

In the middle of our adventure I soloed another Fremmy star. It fell in Lunar which was the last place I looked but I got Twi to hope and go. :-) That star was very different from the previous star. There were 4 of us total and the other two were very nice and obviously knew each other whether in a cc or irl. I got hit pretty hard but was fine. Turning in my dust was a challenge because I got piled by 3 suqahs. Ugh. At least I got the Runite ore when I checked Neit. The word Runite sounds so empowering, like I am not a noob or something :-D

I went back to living rocks after that and eventually Arwyn went to bed. I decided to go to Puro Puro and hunt me some impies so me and Kitty grabbed some SC nets and spent about an hour there. Among my awesome loot from the eclectic/nature/magpie imps were a snap seed, kwuarm seed, lots of oak planks, rune warhammer, 3 forging rings, irit seed, 2 harra seeds, snape grass, runes... It was awesome! Kitty went to bed in the middle of that so I was left alone. By now it was really early in the morning so I scoped another star that would fall at about 2:25.

I hopped into Canting and invited people to join me for the Kandarin star. I got Aqua and Full Gangsta (who just got his questcape today, woot!!) to help me look and after helping them get to their places took the coal truck and secretly hoped one of them wound find it. Woohoo, Full Gangsta found it at party monks and got finders! Yay!! We happily mined it away and life was good. I then logged off and wrote this post, which is not done yet!

OK moving on to yesterday....

I did TONS of stars yesterday including a big Mos Le Harmless that that I both got finders on AND got on film!! Armed with my newfound Windows Movie Maker knowledge I put together a little video:

It was so funny, 4 of us there! I was there first, 3 guys came, then when I wasn't looking they all teled and literally the FRAME after the last guy teled the star fell, right on top of me. I tagged it and it pushed me out of the way before I went off happily mining it.

Later I invited Aqua to a PGT star that I had scoped. I went to 8 worlds and found two PGT stars within 6 minutes of each other. Aqua took Piscatoris and I took Gnome. I have never taken gnome before and was in the wrong spot. I was filming and I heard it crash, ever so faintly! I didn't get finders but OMG third star I filmed IN A ROW and got it on film! I was happy that it fell at Gnome because Aqua couldn't take Elf yet. After we finished that star I hopped to the other world and went looking for the star which would most likely still be there. Well, there it was at gnome, still size 3! So me and Aqua happily mined that one too and she got 59 mining!

It's been quite a starry past two days and I look forward to what tomorrow brings, as it's most likely update day! I leave you with one funny from the text:

In Piespeak, papaya has one more "ya" on the end, being Papayaya. Full Gangsta suggested I do the same with Pawya! It's on!

Good night, everyone!

Until next time...

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