Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shade Burning and St00f

Wow! I logged in yesterday to find myself mid-clue. I solved it and got 23 rune bolts, a rune cbow, 27 cooked sharks, and 49 nats. Woot! I then played a ton of Temple Trekking and after I got tired of it I set off to burn all the vyres and shades that I got. For some reason I got the shade event a ton!

They just line up in a neat little row for me to kill!

I have decided to buy sacred oil and use it on any mage logs I cut from now on to be used for Fiyr shade burning. I still had 20 remains left plus the 50+ Riyl shades and 17 "sleepy vyre" corpses to burn. I love watching their souls get released. It's awesome! Oh hey speaking of vyres I made this video a few weeks ago and it's me killing/burning vyres:

Anyways, as I was gathering supplies I met up with Coopee4, gave him a Snelm, and then posed for a photo op before I snelm-bombed the GE to the delight of a peep or two.

Then it was time for the proper shade burning to commence! I love getting large piles of coins!

I got a snap herb, dwarf weed seed, and rune med among goodies from the vyres and looked at my burn count. It's somewhere around 160. Yay! I need to camp at them and get up to 200! Good thing my kingdom is on maples... Fast and easy place to get plenty of logs to burn vyres with. I then spent a long time getting shade keys and got quite an assortment of addy and mith armour and weapons. From the 20 silver keys I got a rune skimmy and 2 rune chains among things. From the black keys I got tons of armour and then... a clue scroll!

My bank was maxed on space so it was awkward getting everything to fit until I could dismiss the bird and go to the GE but I managed to do it. Surprisingly most everything sold on the GE instantly! Woohoo! I got some cash plus some lucky people got mith and addy armour and weapons that most would alch or drop. There's still a funny graphic glitch that occurs when you use the collection box from a bank and a picture of a medium helm.

Look at the top right corner. It's missing half its face! I wouldn't count on that protecting me... LOL! The chainbody below it looks pretty weird too, like a vase. If you're wondering, when I have lots of stuff to sell I fill up the 6 slots then go to "collect banker" so I can just click on the coins and empty the slots out quickly. I think I have a spear and 2 Asyn shades in the other top slots and a rune skimmy and some square shield in the bottom 2 slots.

I set off to do the lvl 2 clue not expecting much and then I got my reward and about did a backflip in my chair.

ADDY PL8BODY (T)!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!! That's the first time I've ever gotten a trimmed piece of armour off a clue!!!!!!!!! EVER!!! Wooooooot!! I was happy for the teak planks as well!

So, the night ended and the next day of RS began with some farming. After that I didn't know what to do but Merchy had just posted a blog that she went hunting. Aha! Thanks for indirectly helping me decide what to do! I set off for black sallies to get that 40k till 72. I eventually got rev'd (not hit at all yay!) and teleported away even though I was teleblocked. Woohoo for forinth! Cat told me of a Canifis star and someone named Full Of Stix there. I just had to meet him so I hopped worlds and there he was!! I got a pic of course:

I had him and Armyy (known now as "Mr Tyke-oon," used to be Armydude07) waltzing with me. Armyy is the one with the varrock armour and Full Of Stix has the godsword. Sabre Mark looked on. So happy to meet another "full of..." twin! I've only met one before him, my friend Full Of Pure. This guy's nice! :D

After he left Armyy didn't know what to do so I suggested we go to black sals together. I told him to "wear what I was wearing" (blk dhide, forinth, etc) and he took it literally! :P

As soon as we arrived I noticed a grave so I automatically blessed it. About 10 minutes later a random peep runs by thanking me. His name was like "XxmiguelXx08" or something like that. He spent the whole time we were there killing the ogre with nothing but a spear (no armour) and just saying random stuff as it came to him. It was a nice tune to catch sallies to.

OK, 20k till lvl. Now 10k. 8k! 4k! 2k! 800! 150!!! Fireworks!!!!!

One level from ninja, 4 from pirate, 5 from grenwall, and 8 from c5s! :D 1975 total lvl too!! :D

After that Armyy and I left to do some fishing. We met uo with our friend Merashi and fished monks. After a while my friend Bridled Ruin (known to me as BestBuddy), told me to fish with him in the guild so I hand-fished some swords and tuna for temple trekking. I then did part of a farm run but my java crashed again so I gave up for the night, but not before buying tons of forge regent pouches and scrolls off my friend Mike. Thanks Mike!! I gotta play some Soulwars now!

Time to go to bed a little "early." I need to get up "early" to get ready for the band clinic our college runs. Nothing like an open rehearsal to make your life complete. Plus today and tomorrow I had to help run the trombone clinic which was more of an informal chat than anything... Four of us trombone players played a quartet and then talked about stuff, I did a spiel on the Bass Trombone, blah blah blah. Sooo stressful as two had to leave right then so it was unorganized, plus 3 of us ran from orchestra across campus. Oh well, tomorrow should go smoother.... I hope! :P

I leave you with a picture of Peekyface borrowing my house to make a penguin suit for cold war. I have no clue why, but I love the goatee. Especially when it sticks out from masks, helmets, and hoods. His outfit today was no exception. What's wrong with me?? LOL!!

See the beard? LOL! This was taken yesterday mid-temple trekking. I also saved a fellow canter (nez......? [not Nezantra, the other nez]) from dying at metals by giving him food and gave my cousin some food. I'm so generous! Can't wait till tomorrow!

Until next time...


  1. I seem to get a lot of luck on clues; Ranger Boots, 2 Zammy Helms and a Zammy Kite, plus lots of God Pages. Each Level 3 Clue I get is rarely below 800k...

    Could you delete and then add my blog to your blogroll? My blog is called Armmadylo's blog but on your blogroll it is Hints Stories and Achievements. TY :D

  2. Wow! That was really fascinating.

    I might try doing this sometime =]