Thursday, January 7, 2010

Of Lags and Dags

Today was another typical grab-bag day for me. I picked something and went with it for a while before doing something else. I did 2 stars today among it which wasn't bad. :-) I started out by hunting that last bit of XP in the desert until finally I had this:

Wooooot!!!! I can now catch those pesky imps whenever I want to! I can also pot up and catch pirate imps!! :-)

After I did that, Merxese invited me to play a few rounds of SC with him and Kitty. Of course I couldn't resist so I switched to Ancients since I was in the desert (and didn't cast a single spell, LOL) and soon got there. As soon as the game started I right clicked and a familiar name stared back at me. I gasped. Jinsr44 was here!!!!! I ran up to him and glomped him, managing a "Hi" among all the "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Of course, I had to get a picture.

Jinsr44 and Stevenrds were both there (OMG!!!!!) along with Kitty and me. He probably thinks I'm the world's biggest idiot, and I feel bad for glomping him, but he did say hi. :-) I guess that counts for my goal of meeting him, right?

So anyways after a couple games I was PUMPED! I wanted to level everything! I settled on mining, since I had 6 too many proto-tools in my bank from a fail attempt to get 86 Con, and headed for the Living Rock Caverns on good ol' world 84. The SC picks last for like... 30k xp so it was really annoying that I used them all before being close to leveling. There were way too many people there and I was lagging pretty badly but after someone randomly broke into the "Do You Like Waffles" song, there was a huge mass of people shouting "Waffles!!"

Finally, the sheer volume of people plus their familiars took a tool on my poor compy. It crashed hardcore and I mean CRASHED! Black screen of death, icons going black, EVERYTHING. I restarted and continued, before it happened again but not serious enough that I had to close everything. I learned my lesson and decided to take a break on that mining level. I have about 70k until 88 so I'll go get that on another world.

I decided to solve a lvl 3 clue that I got some time back and got a mage comp, rune long, some lobbies, and some nats. Every clue was a Uri/double agent or wizard. Weird combo... I got panic naked in the woods for the first time and boy was that a pain in the butt. I ended up in Shilo doing the mystic hat, bone spear, rune plate, kissy kiss one.

After that I looked at my attack and strength. Hmm... 92k till level on both of them. I was doing great keeping them even! I had about 400xp more str than att. I had Dagannoths as my task. Ugh. I really didn't want to do them but visions of snapdragon seeds danced in my head so I took my whip and my Balmung and gave it a go.

OMG. Balmung. Is. OWWWWWNNNNAAAAGGGEEEE!!! I can't even express the full extent to which the Balmung owns. I immediately dubbed it the "Dagannoth Godsword." Well, there goes my even att and str! Oh well, I'm just glad I found a good str weapon. I hit a couple 2's, some 0's, and then finally... a 42. Yes, a 42. That was with my 81 strength, barrows gloves, and a slayer helmet. OMG!!!!!

Here I am, a Defence "pure," hitting 42's with a wep!!! The only other time I hit that high was when I used the Keris on stuff. It was AWESOME!! I have no idea how many dags I had but I finished in record time. It was a nice slayer trip, aside from the RUDE jerk who set up a cannon RIGHT ON TOP OF ME and then kept quickchatting "you're awesome" whenever I told him to move. Jerk -.- I just moved further south and before long he was done with his task and got his turmoil-praying $*$@$%@$(* out of there.

Anyways, dags certainly didn't disappoint in their droppage of seeds. I got a loop half from a casket too :-)

That would be 9 Toadflax, 4 Avantoe, 4 snap (wooot!), 4 irit, 3 kwuarm, a lantadyme, and a loop half. I'm going to grow them all, of course, but I was so excited to get that many seeds!! If I ever want to train Strength I'll just go to dags! BTW, these are the lighthouse dags, not the waterbirth dags.

After that I did a lvl 2 clue scroll that a dag dropped and didn't get anything too exciting... some minds, chaos, fire bstaff, and addy pick. I then met up with Full Gangsta to buy his toof half and give him tons of cash. I was going to bang out in the bandos throne room but no... my compy crashed with the black screen, etc, AGAIN!!! UGH!!!!! So, I gave it a rest, showered, came back and just HAD to get on and blog. Tomorrow though... Tomorrow I plan to start out by getting 82 Strength, followed by 82 Attack and probably 91 Hitpoints. :-) Speaking of Hitpoints, my dad is soooo close to 98! His first skillcape!

So look for some more levelings up tomorrow :-) Someday I need to do a hunting marathon as well as a pyramid plunder marathon... Anyone game for that?

OMG!! I almost forgot!!! As I was running to the living rock caves I saw a pirate imp. Having no pots I teled to Ooglog, hopped in the mud, teled back to Falador, and caught it! Woohoo!! I got grey pirate pants from it. :-) Pirate imps bay be "meh" in terms of items but I caught my first!!!

I suppose I should go to bed but first I leave you with one of my favorite sentences in all of Runescape. I finally got a picture of it!

Once, I was a poor man, but then I found a party hat. I say that all the time! Brilliant!

Until next time...

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