Saturday, January 30, 2010

Amazing Friends // Surprise of a Day!

Today I woke up very distraught over some rl business that happened earlier. No worries, it was a personal thing and I'm totally OK but all day I was freaking out. It was most unpleasant so I thought some RS would help. :P

I want to send out a HUGE HUGE HUGE thankyou to Kitty Molly and Merch Gwyar. Your open ears put a smile on my face and really helped me a lot. I am SOOOOO honored to have you two as some of my best friends on RS. Huge thanks also to Bigbigsniper for making me laugh as well. I'd do the heart symbol but it messes with the coding so I'll go with {{{{{{HUGS!}}}}}} instead.

Anyways, I started off with some more farming and upon talking to Kitty was persuaded to kill some dwogres in the little dwogre place. I've always been reluctant and scared to go due to the rude people I always hear about but with Kitty's winning smiles and kind words I decided to go. It wasn't too bad except I didn't bring enough food and I was pretty understocked in ppots. I did manage to get 200 cannon shots in the short while that I was there. No hand cannons or d picks though. It was still really fun and I'd love to go again when I have access to the unicorn! :P

After that we didn't know what to do so Kitty took a break and I hopped to several worlds to sell Mike some bunyip scrolls, buy 300k worth of pie shells from Helm360, and finally ended up on Merchy's world where she was on the tail end of battling a very ignorant and misinformed person at the GE. A ton of us hopped to report this guy and soon he was gone and all was well in Edgeville. I kept feeling like I wanted to talk to Merchy alone so we went into my CC and I gushed all about the rl stuff that had happened. She was sooo kind and supportive and was willing to help me sort through all the yuck and move on. It made my day to know people care. :-)

I can tell when I'm becoming good friends with someone because we start speaking alike and saying the same things. Like for instance this:

We were talking about doing dailies and Bork was mentioned. Somehow, by some alignment of planets, or possibly Osai and Terabi working together, Merchy and I managed to construct the exact same sentence at the exact same time. It's almost freaky how our wording is virtually identical. Way to go us!! That also made me feel loads better. :-)

Anyways a star was falling and a ton of people were in Canting so we all decided to go do it. There were plenty of other people doing it too and it fell at the Nat mine. Being the little historian that I am I just had to document the Canters that were there!

I always like a picture from the back or side... not sure why. Anyways, from left to right we have Burn Zilyana (a random peep at the time who joined in afterwards), Oldmaroon, Dr Leviathan, Full Of Pie, Merch Gwyar, ODST Isaac, Eman0151, Chodesworth, and Rafftank. We were a hawt group!

I then wanted to get a picture from the front so I had everyone shout their name and then took a pic. Then big fireworks went off. Like the kind that are audible to everyone. The "I-Just-Got-99" fireworks. Huh????

Surprise!!! Dr Leviathan had chosen that very moment to get 99 Slayer. We all knew he was close but whoa!!! The air was filled with "omg" and "wtf" and finally "gratz!!!!!" or a combination of the three. We all ran over to Kuradal but there was a slight problem which I knew about. If you haven't opened your dragon forge, you will be on a different plane of existence than those who got the key from WGS, used it on a mith dragon, and got the forge open and running. Well wouldn't'cha know... neither Merchy nor Levi have opened it but I have so the only person I could see was Eman. The problem was quickly solved as a party commenced at Levi's house.

We got Burn Zilyana to go with us and admired Levi's brand new cape. :-) When I got there, Merchy and Levi were battling it out: Levi's butterfly net vs Merchy's bare hands. It was pretty funny to watch! :P She then fought Eman for a bit and I got in on the action too, just barely killing Levi with my cutlass as he was fighting Eman. LOL!

He had a very nice dungeon with his lvl 90 Con and even had a dagannoth so I was able to finally do this semi-naughty pose that I've been waiting forever to do, since Peekyface got rid of his dag before I could do it.

Merchy and I stayed long enough for a grand tour of his house. Here he is showing us the picture of his "wife, who was killed." This of course is a reference to Blood Runs Deep.

We ended by chatting in the parlour. I got to sit on the rocking chair! It was making me dizzy watching it and my limbs were laughably spastic. I couldn't say "spastic" on Runescape... Wonder why... You can say spaz now so what gives? Oh well it was a lot of fun and we all joked that these pics and others like it will appear on like... everyone's blogs tomorrow. :P

I had to leave after that because I had a concert to play at and didn't like any of the songs except the first one which is in the same style as Lord of the Dance. We actually played a great concert and dinner afterward was very fun. :-) It was nice and short and it was actually snowing as I drove to the school and back. Ugh! Snow is most disorienting to drive in when it's dark. It's so hypnotic... Oh well we all made it safely and I was reminded that I have friends here who love me too. :-)

I am tired so I'm going to go to bed now. I wonder what tomorrow has in store! :-)

Until next time...

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  1. dr leviathan31 January, 2010

    Hi Pie,
    Thanks for partying with me!
    BTW, you should be able to write hearts by using '<' or '>' instead of the less than and greater than symbols (without the quotes).