Thursday, January 7, 2010


That's my total level today. OMG. :-D

It all started when I decided to do my hellhound task.
Kitty gave me our SS to use and before long fireworks were in the air. Then, more fireworks. I gasped. That meant I had 119 combat.

Woooooooooooot!!!! Yay!!! I'm one level closer to being able to left click these silly hellhounds! I set the SS to attack, threw on some SC armour, and soon this happened:

Yay!! I'm on a roll!! I finished that task and my next task is some obscene number of blue dragons. Woohoo!! Hello prayer level!!!

I like how blocking looks like I'm holding a rifle. Heh heh!

So, with 1959 as my total, I was off to try and level something easy to bring it up to 1960. Aha! Thieving! So, I set out for Pyramid Plunder and before long I did indeed get that level!

I was even more happy because I happened to be in room 5 with about a minute left when I got it. Immediate access to the next room FTW!! No sceptre, but I have been using mine to teleport right to the mummy every game. I get enough gold stuff to keep it going continuously and there's no messing with the doors. I took the SS and opened plenty of coffins and pissed off some people with the mummies I unleashed. Oh well. It was fun :-P

After that level I went with Kitty, Arwyn, Jojo, and a new person named Les to SC. Most of the games consisted of me collecting stuff near the base while they went out and committed all sorts of carnage on the other side of the map. LOL! I was super excited because I got the high score one of the games!!

Thank you class 4 swarm that was next to the base and a furnace! And thanks to Kitty who will often come give me huge wads of runes she'd pp'd. She gave me over 6,000 one game! I got a higher score that game than the one I got hiscore on but it was so awesome!!

Funny story, there was a c3 tree near a kiln one of the games. I was using it to make runes and kept it barriered off. Some lower lvl (like 90) opposing teammates kept trying to knock down the barrier so of course I started killing them. They called me a loser and finally the barrier broke. Two ran to a kiln so I attacked the third causing him to run off the tree. Boom. I put up a barrier. Owned! Later a girl knocked it down as I was killing her. She died and I put it back up. Nobody messes with my tree! Oh the fun! This game has so many strategies. I can't wait for 79 thieving so I can pick everyone's pocket!

The day ended early with me going to Puro Puro. I brought some hunter pots in hopes of catching some pirates. Well wouldn'tcha know... you need 76, not 74! I caught one the other day because I dipped in the mud! Now I realize just how lucky I was to time that. I looked at the guide. OMG!! Ninjas are 74!! I thought i couldn't catch them so I snared one for someone else. Now I was pissed. Just then, a ninja flew by. Woohoo! Caught!! It had 70 or 80 rune arrows which wasn't too shabby! Among things I got another torstol seed from a nature imp. Woop woop! After I got tired of impville I did a farming run and then left for the night.

In random, RL news,
My right hand is swollen and I have no clue why... All my theories seem to have not worked. It started with my index finger hurting so I figured it was from cracking my knuckles. Today my whole hand is swollen. I can't close or open my hand all the way and it's not really red or warm or anything... I hope it's nothing too serious... It looks like it would if I got a bite or a sting but there is no wound anywhere... Shouldn't be an allergic reaction either... My left hand is fine... My right hand fingers look like sausages though... Hmmm....

Well anyways I'm going to bed "early." Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

Until next time...

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