Friday, January 22, 2010

Daddy Did It!!

Today, as I was on the bus on the way home from school, I received a text that this happened:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! GRATZ DADDY YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was soooooo excited! LOL!! He then proudly wore his soulwars cape to his Dark Beast task. He totally said he was giving up and basically said "stuff the questcape!" but he got it back!!!!!! Yay yay yay!!! He said it took 20 tries and he didn't use a BOB, just a swamp titan, claiming it took too long to drop empty vials. He only used ruby bolts and didn't hide from the 75 hits (because he was too slow to hide the first few times he tried). He drank a superset, range pot, etc, and boosted his hp before he even went in. I think he took 20 brews and 8 restores. He was ready to give up and get 95 prayer before trying again but on that last run he did it! He had on every leech prayer he could and said it helped quite a bit. Hmmmmm...

Now I feel a bit more confident it doing this quest. :P

I spent my time on RS today doing my pinata task. I had 233 of them! They were much nicer this time than the last time I had them and dropped me 2 gmauls and 2 ferocious rings! Woot! It only took 3 bunyips because I hit so darn high now! :D Extra 600k in my pocket now and am quick approaching 18m in cash! :-) While I was there I got this message in chat:

LOL!! Someone who reads Merchy's blogs found my blog and told me she about died when she saw the names of 2 of her good friends mentioned. I recognized her name and I soon found out she is, go figure, a major SC fan. :-) I'll no doubt run into her on my con/smiff/crafting adventures. :P I thought that was kind of neat. :-)

Well I am very tired so I'll go recharge on my sleep now. I got my stitches out and now it looks like I have an infected cut instead of a wide gap where my skin was spliced. LOL! I was given some ointment to soften the scar so it should heal nice and light. Also, haha my cat is on my bed snoring away! She squeaks!

Until next time...

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  1. That's awesome. What is that hand over your Dad's face?