Monday, January 25, 2010

Questing a Bit More

I've been really antsy lately... not wanting to play much but wanting to do something.... Soon I could deny it no longer. That questbeast in me was wanting to come out! After some farm runs, fishing, and RCT2 later I decided I'd better hop to it. I grabbed full blue dhide, flippers, defence cape, and a sailor hat. Gotta do a dangerous quest in style!

I left off in the water room so after countless shuffles and having to abandon ship for a weapon and some more pray pots, I finally did it!!

Psst! Here's my solution! I moved a piece and boom! It's been long enough that I think it's ok to show how I did it. :-)

As always the conversations in this quest continue to crack me up. XD

Wow the hat totally clashes with my hair... Oh well! Love the face on the last one too :P

Next I was off to do the waterfall thing. It was so easy that I got a bit of it on film.

THEN.... It was time for the decaying avatar! The roots was simple and I was prepared for a LONNNNGGGGGG fight... Did I say long? My dad came in and hung out with me while I slowly killed it. I let it eat the roots because, well, I need the xp. :P I did get some pretty good hits with my ruby bolts though, plus about 20k range xp!

After about 15 minutes, tons of ruby and broads, and allll my prayer and ppots on eagle eye later I was greeted with this:

Yay!! I was so worried I'd have to bank but I didn't.

After that I was in a room filled with dinosaurs and had to have piety on. I took a pic but copied over it. Oh well... It was a bad pic anyway. My dad convinced me to suicide at nomad to see what he's like, so I went there with a couple casts of fire wave left over from that one spot which I auto-retaliated on him. They all splashed of course. I had lots of swords and managed to make it up to his first 75, which was like 10 seconds into the fight. I only had 24 hp left so obviously I died. I died in style though!

At least now I know how he works. I plan to take all his hits like a man! I appeared back in SW where my grave had feet!

I'm debating going into the fight with flippers. It wouldn't make much of a difference so I think I will! I feel like my grave is going to get up and walk away! My sailor's hat disappeared so I had to run back to Pt Sarim to get it back. I want it! LOL!

Well I am off to bed now and hope there's some good update tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it's some sea slug quest. I hope it's funner than this nomad quest and that it isn't as big of a pain in the rear as Kennith's Concerns. Seriously, that quest kept me from a questcape for what felt like ever! Ugh!

Until next time...

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