Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Skill Hits 80!!

What a day! It started after my doctor's appointment which ended up with me getting 7 stitches in my left arm! It has nothing to do with my swollen right hand, I merely got an annoying bump removed and they had to cut it out.

I logged in and really didn't know what to do so after I ate something I surprised Sabre Fuego at Turoth. :-) I then left to go kill some warped tortoises (which never happened... LOL!) and somehow xCJRx found me by my spirit tree and asked if I would help him kill ice giants, which were his slayer task, since I'm the one who knew that they resided in the Blurite/Wyvern cave. I said sure and was surprised that my level is high enough that nothing attacks me! I grabbed a pick and mined some Blurite to make some Jade bolts later...

We set it up so his auto was off therefore I could quickly kill any ice warriors that got him. Since nothing was aggressive on me, and I didn't realize that until I got there, I had 6 sharks that I gave to him because I wasn't getting hurt. I told him I'd stay until they were non aggressive and then leave. Well, after I killed one, it dropped a clue scroll! Now that my combat is 119 and because of my Quest Cape I can go anywhere, I like treasure trails a whole lot more now. So, with an easier clue in hand and a hope for ranger boots, I set off on this safer adventure and of course filmed it.

Merch Gwyar makes an appearance in it so you'd better watch! :D I got a Sara pg 4 which I was expecting to be like... 300k. Aww, only 30k, but still I was happy to have a high value clue!

I then went to Stealing Creation with Kitty, Arwyn, Jojo, a friend of Arwyn's named Nate, and my cousin Raven. Today I was playing for SC knives to get 80 Fletching. Haha, in one game, there were literally 14 fogs all clustered together! That was a weird map... Anyways I got enough points for some tools and even got 4 of us doing awesome squaredance moves, which I'll show later. Of course I had to share all the details of my "surgery" which led to this:

Such skinny little arms....

After that I ended up at the GE fletching Yew Longs. Man, fletching goes fast! No wonder everyone has a fletching cape... While I was there I met another fellow untrimmed Defence caper by the name of Pure Ownageh and we had fun chatting along with other people nearby.

Merxese even showed up because he REALLY wanted to duel me but I was still chained to my bows. After a surprisingly short amount of time, I finally got this, bringing my total to 1968:

Yay!! I'll never fletch again (until further notice)!!!!! Finally I can make something stackable with c5 clay that is also practical! Until now the only stackable thing I could make were summoning scrolls... LOL! Too bad I can't wield said arrows or even the fancy bow yet... I only have 77 ranged. Oh well, nothing some black dragons can't fix!

The night ended with me dueling with Merxese and various other people. It was fun! I got called a Def Noob and dueled with someone in void who ranged me but I won both times. :-P Merx killed me once and I killed him twice, I think... Who cares, I forgot how fun the duel arena is! Plus, let's not forget that the motivating factor in getting my dad hooked on RS was so I could kill him in the duel arena! LOL! I don't think I have to this day...

Tomorrow, maybe a few farm runs, some slayer, I really dunno. I might even do some agility! I feel guilty for not running but trust me I'll run when I'm ready. I have some new motivation in the form of a new friend ;-D

Until next time...

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