Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spectre Task

Today I got on and decided to use my hawt green whip on my Spectre task. I was 5k from 82 Slayer so it wasn't long before I got this:

Woot!!! Now pieing at Abby Demons won't be so bad! Although with the whip merch they'll be totally packed. o.O Whips are like... 10m now! A ton of people told me to sell mine. Why? I use it! I don't like to sell stuff just because it raises in price. I'd rather keep it thanks. Plus, it's green anyway!

Lesko Diamond would be proud.

Anyways... While I was there I had this mild woot moment:

I pretty much stared at it for a minute before deciding to take a screenie. LOL! Too bad the cute little red fringe got covered by the right click. :P

When I was there I saw a yellow whip for the first time so I decided to take pics of all the colors. They're not great quality, so you'll have to use your imagination, but here they all are:

White, courtesy of High Rolla23

Yellow, courtesy of Arrow Hunk

Greenie green!! Courtesy of myself :P

Blue, courtesy of ShsSlayer
It's really hard to tell but he has a blue one. I'm still happy over that AGS lend :D

I got an "outtake" of the yellow one but it made for an epic picture so I'll share it anyways:


I'm doing well on my "not playing RS until the wee morning" routine so I'm off and going to bed. I got 170 Dagannoths and a guaranteed Str level tomorrow. Woohoo!!

Until next time...

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