Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Million

Today started off in typical late afternoon fashion. Gah. I really need to stop waking up at 1pm! School starts in a week so that'll remedy that in a hurry!

I spent the next several hours Rhoonkreftin away... I didn't quite get the 8,000 death runes I was hoping to make but I sure as heck bought my friend's ~130 leftover Sara Brews from the new quest with 750 deaths! OMG, and I went to my kingdom today and got 20 ringnests and 20 seednests. Wanna know what was in the seednests? TWO spirit tree seeds (crap!! no clue what to do), a magic tree seed (woop!!), a Papayaya seed (pawyaya time!!), a palm seed, 2 maples, etc. I made quite a bundle off the lower lvl seeds and kept the mage and papayaya seeds. I now have 6 spirit tree seeds in my bank. I don't have the heart to dig up my adorable Tree-With-A-Moustache in Port Sarim so they will remain in my bank until I can plant all 3 locations or I can somehow cash them in for something. It sucks that they aren't tradable. Sucks hardcore. :-(

After that, me and my friends decided to have a bit of fun. I've been hanging out with a nice group of people lately and we play SC together. It started when Kitty wanted to have an herb seed race so a couple people took a different monster and killed for an hour and whoever had the most won. A few days ago, Kitty suggested that we have a "gem race" and see who could get the most rubies in one hour. It was later changed to the value of the gems because rubies were scarce. Sounded like a great idea to me!

So we were off! Kitty took goraks, Jojododo9 took the Shilo gem mine, while me, Andy Belmont, and Arwyn Fireye took the wall safes in Rogues Den:

It was quite simple: get the highest value in gems in one hour! It was loads of fun and an hour really flew by! I mean, really, it felt like 5 minutes!

Hmm, so I just click on this wall safe then...

Listen closely, try to crack the code...

Aha! Open door! Hello masses of emeralds and sapphires!

Before we knew it the contest was closed and we compared results. The winner was Jojo, who totally SMOKED the rest of us with her 7+ diamonds! We all gave her random items of up to 60k in value as the prize for winning. :-) Then all I could see was them cutting their gems. It was funny because 3 of us all got 10 rubies. All of us were REALLY close in value, at around 200k.

I happened to line us all up for a picture. :-) From l-r we have Arwyn, Andy, me, Kitty, and Jojo. What a cute bunch we are! And yes, if you're wondering, those ARE soulwars capes that Arwyn and Andy have on! Way to beat the quest and offer LOADS of helpful advice!! OMG just looking at pictures of the boss fight make me want to cry.


After that I decided to kill the remaining 104 blue dragons off my task. It went smoothly except it seemed like I was getting hit by EVERYTHING!! Fiends, barbarians, hellhounds, greaters... all hitting me for 9 it seemed. Ugh. Being a dragon task, I had to bank every 15 minutes or so to take bones and hides back to the bank. I had my terrorbird to aid me so it went all right. I had one war tortoise pouch so I went summoned him with about 20 to go. Finally the task was over and I now have living rocks. Yay!!

I was very happy about the blue dragon task. Mainly, because I had enough bones for THIS!!!!

Woohoo!!! Plus, I had almost enough bones left to push me to that magical ONE MILLION XP mark! My war tortoise lasted just long enough for all my d bones but I knew I'd be about 1 d bone short of hitting that lovely million so I went to the "backyard" and killed some ogres, getting about 12 big bones. I went to my house, used them on my fancy altar, and got this:

Yay!! Pic taken in the act!! Hello another skill in hiscores that has reached 1m xp!!!!

At this point pretty much everyone had gone to bed so I decided it would be a great time to do my penguins. They were all pretty easy to find, and as I was 14k from 73 RC, I used my penguins on that. I coulda crafted the 1.8k deaths but any bonus xp to get me closer to 77 is all right with me! I quickly realized that I would be pretty close to hitting 1m xp in this skill too! Penguins found, points cashed in, fireworks a-sizzlin!!

Yay!!!! The big 7-3!! This makes hunter my lowest skill once again, since I spent an hour thieving. I looked at my total xp and was very happy to discover this:

Woohoo!!! Two skills that have reached 1m xp today!!! This is exciting!! This means I only have 2 more to raise up there and they're fast! I've certainly been busy!

I leave with you two pictures from today.

What you see here is my friend Fat Poison fighting a skeleton next to a pile of coins. Hooray for minimap traffic lights!!!! :D

Another untrimmed cape!! I kindly took a break from the abyss to tele a guy to moonclan and found someone named Trozia who had the same cape as me! I actually saw 3 of 4 untrimmed defence capes today (a new record!) and one of them was only lvl 27 or something! This was the only one I kept documented forever on film. :-D I love the defence cape!

I must go to bed now as I am delirious from exhaustion and from reading many great blogs I've found recently. Time draws nearer to the time when I get to get owned by- ... no wait a minute. Until I own Mr. Nomad. I am so scared. So scared that it's pissing me off. I know I can do it. This is all about timing your healings right and keeping a cool head. Oh, and getting lucky with the ruby bolts! This sounds a lot like a well known face. It sounds like Jad! I must mentally prepare for this and not let it eat away at me. At least I have a dad with a high herblore lvl (and a dad who got 93 Slayer today and is close to 98 hp!!)!

Until next time...

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  1. I also woke up at 1pm today =D. I dropped by to wish you a late happy new year and all the best for 2010! ...alex @ runescape bits