Thursday, January 14, 2010

Randomness :-D

Yesterday was quite the adventure! I spent a huge amount of time playing Trouble Brewing with Kitty, Jojo, and Arwyn. It was Arwyn's first time too! She certainly picked up on it much faster than I did! Well, it could be because she had 3 teachers to help her, whereas I was on my own! :-P The highlight was when I burned the other team's water pump and got called a git! That made me laugh out lout in real life. I love being a pyro because it's fun, and solely for this message:

Haha!! I swear, Trouble Brewing is the perfect passive aggressive game!

I snapped a cute shot of a pirate-in-training reading the Brewin' Guide! :-)

After a bunch of fun-filled games, I am pleased to announce that I HAVE ALL 7 NAVAL SETS!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FULL NAVAL COSTUME SET IN MY HOUSE FOR THE WIN!!!!!! I'm not done with this game though and would LOVE to play pretty much any time there are actually people playing :-P

Sometime in the wee hours of morning I was at the GE working on fletching! Eww!! There were three other people with Defence capes trying to synch up so I joined them. :-P We never got totally synched but it was fun! Here's a little snippet:

From L-R at the start we have SageOfDef in the Verac Helm, mizSARAHxoxo in the ele and Robin, o_O Roo O-o in the Karils, and me on the end. It was fun! If y'all ever find this, you're famous! The song I used behind it is "Fantasy" from, you guessed it, RCT.

Amidst all that, I did level in a skill I thought I'd never level again! No, not Firemaking... Fletching!
One more level till I can make something stackable in SC that is loads more useful than summoning scrolls! I bought bowstrings and yew logs and used a SC knife to make longs. I tried buying unstrung magic shorts then drinking a fletching potion and stringing them and that worked to a point... Till the GE ran out. Aww too bad because I made a profit doing it!

The night ended with me filling my 50 magix boxes with imps. Did you know you can use an imp to bank other imps? It's awesome! So, I really caught more like 75+! It was sometimes difficult to find concentrated imps and had the most luck around Party Monks (north of Yan). Of course I was tickled pink to find this:

Yes, I caught all three! XD

I went to bed and woke up the next afternoon for another day on Runescape. A youtube post surprised me in a good way and made my day right off! Apparently Bitt3rsw33t3, who is on my list for people I want to meet this year, googled her name out of boredom and found that post! She was very excited about it and posted a hello! :-) I will never doubt the powers of Google again! Not like I ever did but I'm sure things like that have happened more often than we know. I mean, Icey Dan1 said that the reason he started blogging was he googled his name and found something that Kitt Fox wrote about him, thus inspiring him to blog! In fact, totally unrelated to Runescape, I found one of my favorite blogs by googling "diamond." LOL! So, Bitt3rsw33t3, welcome to my humble corner of the net! :-D

I didn't play a whole lot today, mainly because I spent a good part of the afternoon on a new video, and boy do I have a story to share! Storytime!!!!

It all started when, on a whim, I decided to train my ranged on Black Dragons and take advantage of my imps in boxes. I got to the evil chicken lair and my normal safespot (oddly enough, in the very back) was taken so I shared the more obvious safespot with someone. It was awkward and I got hit a 21 (ouch!) and decided I didn't in fact want to kill black dragons just then. As the dragon died I noticed a familiar tan drop on the ground. Haha, I got a clue scroll! Feeling antsy, I decided to do it. I then took advantage of how well my compy was running and decided to document the whole clue on film. 8 segments and 20 minutes of footage later, I had it down to about 8 minutes.

What a clue! I had several wildy clues both in the form of zammy mage and maps. The first clue was at the demonic ruins and I got rev'd at the end but escaped unharmed. Then I had to act the fool at the lighthouse for a double agent which I easily took down. Then, I had a Yanille map followed by a deep wildy volcano map. A rev hit me for a 24 and a 26 and I had auto on so I ran up to him so he could hit a 16 on me. I don't even know what kind of rev it was. I was worried about losing my clue! I got away from that one and ended up, poisoned and beat, in the face of a rev ork. I scrambled to get away and made it to the mage arena webs with 3 hp! It was about 50/50 whether I'd die or not so I tried as fast as possible to slash the webs and tele. Then the poison hit me for 3 and I died. Nooo!!

All was not lost! Even though I was in full panic, hands shaking, I gloried to Edgy and made my way to my lovely grave, where the casket with my clue in it was intact! Yay!! I sent some horribly typoed messages to the clan chat about how I'd died but made it and they finally got an idea of what was going on. LOL! All I lost was my ardy cloak which I knew I'd lose anyway. As I picked up my stuff the cobweb "locked me out" which was pretty funny. As soon as I demolished my grave I noticed that I had 57 minutes left. Someone had blessed it!! I quickly scrolled up to find out who it was and as soon as I was safely in the Mage Arena I PM'd them thanking them sooo much for blessing my grave! HUGE thanks to "Well Ok Sure!!!!" I don't know if I needed it but I'm just glad people are still so nice and willing to do this act of service for others.

I was then off to another coordinate clue, this time safely next to Mushroom, the sleeping troll near the Trollheim herb patch. I got a Sara Wiz and totally forgot about antipoison but I had 15 sharks on me that I had just fished so I was just fine. I teled to Edgeville to sip some anti and to read my clue. A riddle, leading to Lumbridge. Easy! I was expecting a lock with a note but nope got the clue! Another riddle, this time I had to see Jimmy Dazzler. I made my way to Ard where I lagged horribly and even glitched up! Now y'all can feel my pain, haha! After I reset the frame by opening the map it was time to search the drawers where I was presented with my reward. It wasn't much but it was worth plenty in my book! I got a lot of stuff! Here, my fellow blogfriends, is the final, edited video of this entire story, condensed to 8 minutes!

After that, I was approached by someone. He seemed excited to see me so I figured it was someone who reads my blog. He asked me where the star was. Oo, did someone say star?? I led him to party monks before he told me his friends found it. Woot, I got a bonus s5 star out of the deal! Plus, he does in fact read my blog. That makes the 2nd blog run-in I've had. Yay!!

After that I decided to do my 120 living rocks task. It was very boring because it seemed like no chat I went to had talking people in it. Must be that hour or day or whatevs. I wanted to take a break but wanted to finish my task, dangit! A few lonely hours and 4 'yips later, I was done. I decided to take a pic of all I got from 121 Living Rocks. Yes, I always kill an extra for luck on Slayer tasks! ;-)

Woot! Over 350k worth of stuff! Plus loads of green charms! I need those, because I have 4 bunyips left. I REALLY need to go summoning...

I had enough coal to make bars out of the addy and mith and made bolts with the addy and knives with the mith. I even had a SC tool leftover from fletching so I got double xp! I need all the addy bolts I can get for my epic fight with Mr. Nomad! The rubies helped as well!

I ended early as I was getting bored of RS at the moment. I need to take a break and do something else! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (later today, really) which will get me into the air and then I'll be ready for action! I'll probably get 80 Fletching tomorrow, and maybe 80 Firemaking too although ewwwww! Good night! :-)

Until next time...

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