Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

On behalf of the folks (me lol) here at Allthingspie, I wish y'all a happy Halloween! I got my carving tools out today and made the Jeffrey Peak face:

It looks awesome in the dark!!!

Jeffrey is most pleased! }:-|

I have a concert tomorrow so I dunno how much I'll be online. Yeah, I dunno what the scheduler was thinking either. We're not even playing anything spooky. Our concert last year was super spooky with all kinds of creepy pieces and it wasn't even on Halloween! Oh well... So yeah there goes my entire afternoon and night but what do I care? I'd rather play music than hang out at home for like 2 kids to come get some candy! XD I'm so totally dressing up for our dress rehearsal though! Make way for the Obscenely Green on Halloween girl!!!

I leave with you this Halloween video I made a couple weeks back to document the adorable Halloween event party:

Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Stones and Statues

Today I finally finished another statue! I'm like 14 weeks behind now... lol... Owell that means the bonus xp will be rolling in for a while yet! I finally got the fm and cook ones and then it was time to catch chins. I caught a bunch and nothing and then finally.....

Woot! I got them!

I then went to a little mini party at Barb Agil for M Knightpiss getting 1k total lvl!

We had quite the little party down there! Gratzy! He got 40 Agility which got him the magic 1k total. I got an agility rock while waiting for him to hop. :D

Later I was doing stuff at the GE when a guy in a slayer cape named Geoff came fming on by!

Hehe I love when people get original names!

Well I am so very tired so it's time for bed. Busy day tomorrow! Good night all!

Until next time...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two! Two! Two Cape Trimming Videos!!!

Over the past few days, besides running out of time and then becoming incapacitated by tylenol, I finally have those 99 vids up! They're very unique because both feature a cape-trimming!!

Funny story- this morning after sleeping off the last of my unexpected tylenol high, I had a dream that me, Tanya, and a bunch of my band friends were on a band trip, but we were in China so everywhere outside our room we had to speak Chinese (which was good since I am taking it lol) and we were in not quite a hotel room but a room with a table. Tanya and I were busy editing the video of Aqua's 99 and I just couldn't find the right music! We came up with some good songs but I was like, "We can't use that one... it's copyrighted and will prolly be muted soon anyway..." Finally I pushed my compy away and declared I would put it off until tomorrow. LOL!

Obviously I finished it, plus took a quick video of Waste God getting 99 Hitpoints so here they are!

Gratz you two!!! :D

I leave you with some funnies from today. First, after telling Canting to guess my latest Name O' The Month, this happened:

*sews 2 pics of chat together and line gets repeated to make sure nothing is cut*
Hehe, me and Nez enjoy namecalling! XD

And like I said earlier, here's another example of someone saying something, another one copying, and then a bunch more people saying the same thing:


I did most of my fire giant task today and got an effigy! It was soooooo nice being able to do almost all of it! I had 91 con so I boosted +4 with a stew on my 2nd try (such a nice surprise to have stews and orange spice in my bank!) and got that one down. Next was 93 craft/agility and I wooped and cheered as I was able to select Agility for the first time! XP go zoom zoom! Then I got 95 cooking which was easy. My last was 97 rc so I pm'd my friend Lord Doom who has 99 and he was free! So, I met him and got it all unwrapped and after much deliberation stuck my lamp on Rhoonkreftin, since I hate doing it and it's time consuming. Free 23k! Yaaaahooo!! 100k till 79 and then it won't be long until I have 80 and beyond!

Good night all! Catch y'all on the flipside!

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pushed Back

I'm sick. Took a tylenol and it knocked me out so everything I was gonna post got pushed back again. I feel like my head isn't connected to my body. Ughhhhhh... *crosses fingers it's just from the tylenol and not the flu*

I've been slaying the past 2 days, knocking out greaters and hellies. I now have fire giants. Woot woot!

Also huge gratz on Aqua for getting 99 cook and Waste God for getting 99 hp!! Both of them trimmed their cape which was way cool! I filmed both and maybe one day I'll have the video up. Until then here is a cool pic of us at Aqua's 99 cook doing the marionette emote:

l-r Wagwanz, Tanyakins, Ambo100, Rachy, me, Aquarianpixi. Fred joined in later which I have on video. We look like some sort of boy band! XD

Good night all! I really hope I feel better in the morning... :-S

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Post from the Past

June 20, 2009

I play Runescape. I play it a lot. Now that Ben is gone and summer is here, Runescape is my life. It's my group of friends. It's my drama pad. It's where I go to hang out and have a good time.

As I do it all, I have come up with a couple lists of my favorite things to do. Here they are!

My Favorite RS Quests:
  • A Tail of Two Cats
  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • A Soul's Bane
  • The Chosen Commander
Here's why:
Tail of Two Cats has the funniest storyline, and the cutscene at the end is in my opinion the game's best. Darkness of Hallowvale led me through an intricate maze of a huge city. Something about pushing walls, jumping roofs, that silly trapdoor table, slashing tapestries, and basically sneaking through a city of traps while evading HUGE winged vampire things (kniwn as vyrewatch) at midnight or later was AWESOME!!! A Souls Bane is an easy quest with strange monsters. At one point you have to search cracks in a wall until ghosts like the one in that famous scream picture come out. It was unpredictable and cool! The Chosen Commander is one of the newer quests and has a very good storyline. Plus, the room you can go in afterwards is very cool and fun to visit with a group of friends.

My Favorite RS Cities:
  • Meiyerditch
  • Lletya
  • Mos Le Harmless
  • Enchanted Valley
Here's Why:
Meiyerditch is that huge city of traps I was talking about earlier. It's very secluded and I wouldn't mind going there anytime. It's a giant maze that is awesome! Lletya is the main Elf city, unlocked after many quests. The city itself is cool because there is a teleport that takes you right there and it has fun things to do. After you leave the city, there is a bright forest full of traps to jump over and avoid. It's so fun! Mos Le Harmless is a small pirate island that is pretty quiet until you go through the city gate. Then you find two great things to kill in the jungle. Further west reveals a cave full of a unique monster that is fun to kill AND this island is home to my favorite minigame! Enchanted Valley is only accessible by the fairy rings but it is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. It is so calm and peaceful and I like to go there for fun.

My Favorite RS Minigames:
  • Trouble Brewing
  • Stealing Creation
  • Pest Control
  • Soul Wars
  • Treasure Trails
Here's Why:
Trouble Brewing... Pirate theme + pirate clothing rewards = AWESOME!! It's a little tricky to get the hang of it, but man is it fun! Stealing Creation is fun with a lot of friends. It's fun to cast magic spells on people to kill them and it's kind of like finding a parking sopt at the mall on Christmas. The rewards give double experience in many of the skills. Sweet! Pest Control and Soul Wars are games where you basically kill a lot of monsters. The rewards include experience in any combat skill and as I am trying for a 99 in Defense I play these to help me train. My favorite part of Soul Wars is killing the avatar of destruction. He lets out quite the defeat cry. Treasure trails are technically a minigame though most people don't see it like that. Basically, after killing a bunch of monsters, they will eventually drop a Clue Scroll. It's a scavenger hunt! It will have a clue on it (duh) and that will lead you to another clue scroll. Eventually, after 5 or so, the next clue will lead to the reward. Most of the time the rewards aren't very good but you can get some great stuff that is only available through clues. One of my favorite Clue Scroll items is the Robin Hood Hat. My dad got one once.

My Favorite RS Songs
  • Back to Life
  • Fe Fi Fo Fum
  • Alternative Root
  • Flute Salad
  • Many many more I can't remember LOL
Yeah... lists... One of these days I'll explain rs.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Randomness this October Day

Here is your daily dose of random!!

First Wagwanz got a crap clue and said something funny that made me lol:


While getting my fm stones I got a surprise 87 Firemaking!

This is why I love Peekyface:

Oh my RS life would be so different without his unique humor and hilarious spontaneity! BTW, Zybez is blocked so I gotta say Zyhez. I know, filter avoidance. Just kill me. :o

Before I go, check out these ROCKIN SWEET shoes I found on Zazzle, one of two great websites that sells customizable apparel and accessories (the other being Cafepress). My Lesko Diamond Approves shirt came from Zazzle and my agility shirt from Cafepress, among several other nerdy items I've gotten over the years to advertise my Runescape addiction. But really, these shoes are amazing! I almost want a pair! XD

Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Crafting!


I forgot to post my cake pics! Here they are:

Meringue rings with gummi bear ruby and emerald gems! It was very spur of the moment and resulted in molten, gooey, bubbly blobs of "gem" that ran all sown the sides of the rings. I took the prettiest and made this pic:

Meringue is so good! It's like cookies but different!

Here is a little close-up of one of the rings:

Hehe when I took them out of the oven it was like I was taking a ring out of the furnace, something I did quite a lot of on my crafting adventure!

I thought I'd post a little bit on my method. It all started before I even had my Defence cape. I was 72 or 73 and bought the ability to craft slaying rings even though I had to rely on skill assists to get them. One day I got fed up with that and did some random crafting. I was browsing the forums one day (something I don't often do) and came across a post of someone asking for high lvl crafting updates (keep in mind this is before effigies or dunj) and saying that he "loved the skill and just recently got 99 in it." I wondered how on earth crafting could be so fun and could only wish that I loved it so.

Less than a week later I would embark on a crafting binge that would take me from 73 to 87. I made some silver bars and got to work on holy unstrung symbols, which I knew would sell in the GE due to lunar stringers training their mage. I also began to make plain gold amulets which was pretty good xp and pretty fast. Before I knew it I was totally hooked on the skill. This was fun! There were so many things that were cool that only high level crafters could do (like clockwork cats!!) and a very short time later I was buying black d-leather from the GE and playing Stealing Creation to no end getting needles. Crafting pots had come out among this time and so after making lots of blue and red bodies I was able to pot up and make full black leather!

I was leveling so fast that I thought it might be my 2nd 99! I was going craft crazy! Then, the price of d-leather doubled. Awwwwwww. This was around the time when inflation started to be a huge problem, likely due to 76k tricks and stuff like that. I was able to make a mill or two fast but not fast enough to really sustain a good pile of cash. My skills were almost there but not quite so it rested at 87 for quite a long time, while I decided to go for 99 con and then went and got agility instead. XD

Over the next few months I got a couple levels here and there from occasional battlestaffs and crafting the dragonhides from my slayer tasks. I became close to 91, not really thinking much of it, until Zachy randomly got 99. That inspired me to get my craft on and get 99!

Sooooo... All I did was make gold amulets from gold I mined myself or some bars I bought with herb money, craft green bodies with sc needles, and effigies. For green bodies I did the half-life method, started with just money from a whip and some other slayer drops (d boots, gmauls). That got me several levels and was kept afloat with hides from various slayer tasks. Effigies came out when I was 93 so I made some craft pots and before long could do up to 97 and eventually I could put the craft pots away for good! Effigies really helped keeping the costs and time (for needles) down and helped me level a whole lot faster, while helping others. I didn't 'lose' any money getting 99. In fact, I ended with the most cash I've ever had! I was sitting on about 38m when the fireworks flew!

What am I gonna do with all that cash? Go for 99 con!!!!! Yay, time for construction to shine and become popular with the effigy folk!! May it fly by and go go go!! Mackenzie will be mine! Wooot!

I leave you with this amusing conversation. Twice already I've had people run up to me asking for an effigy assist which I have been happy to do and then this happened, which Zachy said happens to him a lot for some reason. I was chopping a yew after an evil mage tree and this guy just runs up to me.

His last message is his way of saying "TYVM" as he sprinted out of Draynor bank. XD

It's a good thing I have 4 in the bank due to stars and me always having a few on hand. I don't need them anymore because my cape is a free ticket into the guild! I suppose I should keep some in stock and hand them out to people. XD

Well it's time for bed. I got a test tomorrow in Chinese. I think I am somewhat ready... As long as the written paragraph has all the words I'll be fine. Reading comprehension is always my strongest when it comes to reading a language other than English (Japanese/Chinese) that writes in Kanji. Busy day!

Until next time...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crafty Master

Yayyyyyyy!!! I got 99 Tailoring-and-Chiseling-Bob-the-Cat-With-Mah-Hawt-Cape today!!!!! Craftypants is mine!!! My 4th skill to reach the big 99!!!

The morning started off with Trouble Brewing of course! After a game, I was like 68 xp off so I set off on round 2 and was making some lumber patches to repair what I instructed Tanya (who was on the other team) to break for me when I heard the little boodle-doo that the game makes when you reach your objective. Oh crap, you actually get xp in the game now and not at the end. I lvled early! Oooooops... So, I have no video of me actually leveling but you wouldn't wanna see that anyway... :P

Luckily many people around heard it and the air was filled with woots! 99 Crafting was mine!! So, the first thing I did was snap a pic:

...and then the first pic of me as a master craftsman:

Check out that outfit! Very stylin indeed!!!

I then went to admire my 99 in the skill tab and discovered that I had perfectly nailed the xp for 99. Woot!! Hooray for not going over!

I had to do a double take because it was so unreal!

Sooooo... I can now proudly tell the world that I leveled to 99 Craftypants by making a lumber patch. XD Of course a parade followed and not many people were there so it was a nice little stroll that I got on video. I did manage to get a pic of almost everyone who was there to celebrate:
Me, Tanya, elegant pie, Rachy, Fred, Bass Daddy

Also there at Trouble Brewing were Plur and Daantje but they had to leave. LOL, I just realized I don't have a pic of me wearing my cape! I'll have to get one later... For now here are 2 more pics for archive purposes:

My objective is all done! Let's remind ourselves of the first pic:

Halfway to done in 4 months and 19 days!

Aaaand here are my stats as they were at 99 Craftycraft:

Attack is soooo totally next!!

After I got my hawt cape and the party died down I made myself finish my wyvern task, which I did. Yay! Now it's done! I then got kalphites but gave that the middle finger so now I have greaters! I would have gone and did them but... I was too busy admiring my new cape and outfit so I killed Bork and then piddled around before deciding to do agility as my skill of choice. I went to Brimhaven for a change and to get closer to a pirate hook! I felt very overdressed as the other 3 peeps there were in nothing but spotty capes and default clothing. My cousin came along too and died... lol... It was weird not being asked why I still run agil, because I had on a different cape! Hehehe!

Here is my meh-tastic 99 crafting movie. Not my best, but it's better than cooking which didn't even get a video! XD

Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, October 22, 2010


Today I got on and did some random skills to pass the time and chat. The biggest thing I did was choose my Craftypants outfit. With Yana we went to my costume room where I tried on a whole bunch of things. I finally managed to decide on the perfect one so I then went out and bought those pieces so that my bank wouldn't be full of full sets since they don't store individually. Stay tuned because in less than 12 hours my hawt outfit will be revealed for all to see!

Tanya got tassets AND the faint emote since I saw her last, so finally we were able to do a tandem faint! I thought it looked like a naughty 69 at first but no it's backwards from that so it looks more like a... %.
Ehehe we could do this all day! We sort of melt together too! XD

Other than that I didn't do a whole lot... Some fishing, ivy, herby... I'm up to 37m cash, more than I have ever had! I think I'll buy a ZS when I remember and then just hold onto this huge pile until I decide for sure what I want my next 99 to be. Hint hint, construction after attack, hint!

Good night all! Tomorrow I will have skillcape #4 and cape #5! I can't wait! My craft cake is all made and the 99 vid is in the works. Can't wait to catch whomever at Trouble Brewing or the party after!

Until next time...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craftypants Final Stretch!

Wellllll today I did my last bit of crafting before I get my Tailoring-and-Chiseling-Bob-the-Cat-With-Mah-Hawt-Cape, cape. I played 2 games of sc and did an assist and got down to 7k till. I then bought some gold bars and made ammies. I am now down to 1712 xp until the big day o fun!!

Here I am breaking 13m :P

The 2nd guy I assisted was so happy with my 7k till that he wanted to go to my party on Saturday! I wonder if he'll be there! :D

Sooooooooo anyways the big party will be Saturday at around 10:00am MST, depending when I get up and stuff... It might be earlier than that, but not as early as my agility cape! XD Once again it will be on world 104 at Trouble Brewing so get your pirate gear on! I'm getting that last bit o xp the same way I got 99 Cooking. :P For those who can't access MLH, after I get 99 and play a few games I'll tele to somewhere, prolly Varrock or something, and have a parade over to the Tailoringandchiselingbobthecatwithmahhawtcape Guild in Rimmy where I will buy my smexi cape and look beautiful. Bring wind up dolls if you want, cuz I wanna have a dollbomb but I forgot about that so now I can't make any without leveling... XD After that we'll play it by ear. :P

Wheeeee here comes Cape #4!!!!

I leave with you some pics:

I love when the majority of Canting copies what one person says!

Speaking of which, My dad got a hex and Yana got a focus sight today! Woohoo! Oh and Zakki got 2 ornament kits from his elite!

I finally sold my med and skirt that I got from steels. Now instead of having random sentimental value in my bank they will go to a deserving cute little noob who will wear them loud and proud!

I ran into another brother Pie and we chatted for quite a long time. He had on a slayer cape (mscindy49 is standing on him) and we talked about slayer, agility, and emotes. He was nice! I hope I run into him more. I also ran into Cup 0 Joe a couple times. I met him wayyy back when I was 98 agility and he was 94. We ran Barb for a while and I saw him around RS often after that. :P

Well I got a quiz tomorrow. Eeek! Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Halloween Cuteness

Today I did the halloween quest again, back-to-back on Faerie Tana and then Jeffrey Peak. I took some more pics of the things that I especially loved:

Faerie Tana is sporting a special H'ween outfit that is black and orange. It actually looks like I have on the warlock gear. Added bonus!

This sounds like half my college bandmateys...

I played 2 games of Fast SC and got my assists in. I'm less than 300k away! I'm so bad at advertising this 99... I don't even know when I'll get it. It'll be Saturday at Trouble Brewing sometime my mid morning. Be there if ya want, hang out by the guild if you don't... Doesn't matter much to me. :P I leave with you a random picture of me "strutting" during some lag whilst paying Aqua a visit at Rogue's Den:

Good night all! :D

Until next time...

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Most Adorable Event Ever

Woooot the H-Ween event came out today!!!! I always love the holiday events, especially the 3 biggies, and this one was no different.

Finding the 6 spiders was mildly frustrating because I couldn't find the last one but I finally did and then did a little puzzle on the dance floor with them. They're so cute!!

I met 3 beyond adorable werewolves and easily got them their moonshine, and after having quite a long talk with the guy who represents most of my college bandm8's I figured out his trick and was able to get an autograph. I wasn't quite sure how much I liked the quest, but I had the music turned up per Jagex's encouragement in the news and enjoyed it. I finished the quest, getting the uber awesome Bone Brooch that is way way cool and won't lose its novelty for a good long time as well as a random emote that has nothing to do with the quest/event whatsoever. XD

With the completion I was sent to the party where I became totally sold. Oh. My. Goodness. The music was great, the dance floor rocked, and OHHHH MY GOODNESS ADORABLE SINGING WEREWOLVES!!!!!!!

The best part was that I recognized literally everyone there. They were all people I've seen all over my home world! As soon as most of us noticed the stage we got in a line and began headbanging. :P The two ravens, Edgar and Poe, were a nice touch as well.

Here's me blowing a kiss to the cutest werewolf sister trio ever, along with someone named Samcknight. Oh how I can't wait to do this event on my 3 freebies so that they have something to be proud of and I can enjoy this concert many times. I hope Jagex brings this back, because it rocks! :D

Of course the bone brooches were an instant novelty and the dance floor was covered in them when I first got there XD Later I left the party and went to Varrock West to bug Zachy who was stringing ammies and many of us were hanging out as piles of bones:

Best item ever!! Even better, they're like my old ring of stone and when you click around a lot and then equip it you slide all over! Yay!!

After the fun my friend Bridled Ruin took me to the duel arena to try out the new sound effects. Oh my gosh they are soooo awful! They sound really kinky... It'll definitely take getting used to... :P

Well it's late and I should probably go to bed early. Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Much Better 1337 Clue

The past 2 days have been filled with little more than crafting. I'm 380k away from 99 now!!! I've been playing a lot of fast sc... well as living in a bank doing some weird animation that makes no sense:

(The Bank of Untrimmed Capes +2)

Funny story from today... I was on early and was hoping to offer my craft assist to someone and advertised in Edgy bank but nobody answered which meant nobody was looking. I was just moments away from going to 117 when out of nowhere a guy who had just gotten an assist blurted out "****, 97 craft." I immediately ran over screaming "Pick me!!" He req'd me and I was able to get 30k closer to 99 with a flick of an effigy. Wooot for good timing!

I also saw this awesome name. It took me a minute but I figured it out and it's genius!

rl_l makes a little mug! XD

And my dad had to go about doing weird stuff:

Dunno why but I lol'd... He got 96 summon today! PakYak time!

And now for the really awesome news! I killed the skelehorror and surprise!!!!! He dropped me another clue-with-a-boy-part!! I gasped so loud I woke up my sleeping cat and then I was off on a most excellent adventure, shattering any real life evening plans. I finally got to the reward and, amg!!!!

I got an ornament kit!!!!! I got the cheapest one, but it's still 2m and that totally pays for the 2m I just blew on green leather from my pile of cash! I got other awesome stuff that I use as well. I'm especially loving the rune bars! More bars for my 86 summoning stash!

Me, Fred, and my dad gathered in Edgy where I junk trade "borrowed" my dad's d sq and added the kit. I thought it was lame until one of them said "Look, it has teeth!" Then suddenly the awesomeness of it went up.

Haha it's hardly even visible... Oh well it was cheap and cool enough for my dad to buy from me since he had the shield so I got a full 2m for it and now my dad has a shield with teeth!

I leave with you the video of me carrying on about getting a good reward:

Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, October 15, 2010


Bleh I feel like crap so this will be short. Played some fast SC and got sexually harrassed by stupid little boys, turning my name into an innuendo and making me feel dirty... Then I got accused of being a 30 year old male who lives in my parents' house. LOL! Unfortunately it did not help my already really bad raging mood... Then I dc'd out of a game but took that as a sign to stop... There was a pker anyway so I was ok with crafting with 4 needles. I am now down to 711k till 99 Tailoring-and-Chiseling-Bob-The-Cat-With-My-Hawt-Cape!!! Woop woop!!

I then crafted all night because, well, because I am less than 1m till 99! :D I leave you with just one pic from today, another Peeky-ism!

Peeky's gettin his n00d on!! XD

Good night all! Woooot weekend is here not a moment too soon!

Until next time...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chiseling Away

Today was another busy day so I didn't do a whole lot... Force fed myself a game of Fast SC and then realized that if I do 2 SC needles and my craft assist every day I'll have 99 in 8 days... :o I'm getting excited as this new cape draws closer! I should have more details out soon... I am thinking this will be a sort of impromptu event; come if you want, wait if you don't... Oog tiredness setting in... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Here is a pic I snapped of someone else with my idea for the cool dress:

I leave you with a picture of Fred being silly. Fred rocks, and his cool English and funny jokes rock too! :wub:

Poor Fred has issues with his BGS. :P

Good night all! Tomorrow's Friday, hooray!!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


It has kicked in. I leave with you this lovely little lvl 1 that I got from a HAM:

W00t! Zammy vestment top! 200k clue! :D

Got the pp stones and double rc stones today, crafting body runes. I am left on Lunars ready to stat spy unsuspecting people and confuse them! Muahahaha!!! I also planted 5 papayaya, 2 yew, and a calquat. Helloooooo xp tomorrow!! Also on the menu for tomorrow I have yet anoooootherrrrr formal picture which means I get to wear my concert attire again. Ugh... At least this is the last one... Good night all!

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charm Sprite Hunting

It rocks! A little awkward at first but Merchy was already there and I got the hang of it pretty fast. Before long I was charming all sorts of sprites out of charms!

Action shot!

I heard tell that this also gives hunter stones. I'm down with that bro!! :D I spent a while there whilst waiting between classes. Ooh, and I had my psych test today. Not as scary as I thought, woot!

Morgoth (aka Armma) was also hunting with me and Merchy but left to do his clue. Well, he got a Top Hat from it and came back to model it for us! :D:D

Eeeee! Top hat is probably my 2nd favorite item now, under Flippers of course. :P

The rest of the e'en I did some thieving. Got one rock so far! Yay! I'm on more lvl 1 clues also. Oh, and I can't wait to try out that ranged sling update on Jeffrey Peak. I would've, but my compy decided to be a jerk and act all laggy with the keyboard so I will wait until tomorry. Good night all!

Until next time...