Monday, October 4, 2010

An Experiment

Today I didn't feel like doing much, but I felt like doing something, so what do I do? Movie time!!!! XD

I have an RSMV idea in the works which would involve a ton of stop-motion photography, in other words, taking a picture frame-by-frame and making an animations with it. To avoid a file of a trillion pictures, I just set up hypercam, record each frame for a few seconds, pause, move the pieces, film again for a few seconds, and repeat and then edit it all up later. I thought that I'd better get my splicing fingers on and creative juices flowing to make sure this trick would actually work so I spent about an hour making a short, 14-second video using this method. I did it inside the walls of Daemonheim because dropped items never disappear and after some creative casting I had a little soundtrack going on. I think it worked great, what about you?

If I can get it to be clearer I will use it more often! :D

I leave with you a picture of Faerie Tana getting 31 Attack and 40 Combat. Who knew so much stuff happened at 40! Thanks to Dslayer my attack is way behind so I am using my sweet marmaros 2h sword to pwn everything.

Oh man, I'm wilting! XD I suppose I'll try for some SC needles tomorrow. I'm 314k from 98! :D

Until next time...

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