Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Real Life Adventure

Today I took my sister to the local craft store to hang out and to treat her to a new coloring book. When we got there, all the signs on the wall were burned out except for one, which said Crafts, so I took that as a sign to get 99 craft.

Owait... I already am! XD

We went inside and she headed straight for the coloring book section. They also had quite an assortment of small kiddie books and one caught my eye:


Peek/Peak, and Pizza are my 2 favorite words. I was happy. Yes, I did shout "Peeeeeek!" through the aisle. XD After choosing a coloring book we made our way to the small toy section where I tried on an assortment of rings:

I had me a recoil ring, duelling ring, forging ring, and wealth. Beat that! :D

I looked at the small figurines and they had, I kid you not, Peter Pan riding a snail. See? Look!

He is held on by nice wires around his feet. XD

Our adventure ended with us going to the grocery store with the intent of me getting some ice cream. However, the large eclairs at the front of the store caught my eye and I got them instead. Yumyumyum!

Meanwhile on Runescape...

I got around to digging up all my trees to plant the 4 yews. I did the mage last night. Got one yew seed back so I am happy! Also, I spotted some awesome names at the ivy:

I felt like I was somehow related to "Mmm Fruit" and "Juicy" was a nice name too! XD

I then started on my wyvern task. 66 of em, oh boy! It seems like no matter what BOB I bring I always end up killing 12 before I have to leave. That last one I tanked with pro mage and almost died. I killed it and left with about 200 lp. For some reason I was unfazed. I guess I am used to things pwning me! Hehehehe tanked!


Its mouth reminds me of those endoscopic nippy tool things... Yeah... This thing:

Here's some of those nippy tools peeling a grape...

In other news wooooooot Tanya was on today!! However her internet was being a butt so I still didn't get to talk to her much on RS :-(

Also, me and Fred did lvl 3 clues at the same time. Mine was alllll over the wildy. I got almost full rune and some misc scrolls as my reward and Fred got... A red dragon mask!!!!!!!! Eeeeee I love those! They're so cute! I got to wear it too! I also got to talk to Fred today over Skype! It was way fun!

Well I am tired and it's my bed time. Good night all!

Until next time...

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