Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Happy!!

Zip a dee doooo da, zip a dee day... I made myyyself play some SC today...

The light of the tunnel, headin mah way....

Zip a dee dooooooooo dahhhhhhhhh... zip a dee dayyyy!!! 98 Craft FTW!!!!

Of course I followed ancient tradition so here is my vid:

As I was waiting for my green d leather to buy, Kitty logged in!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hardly see her much anymore since she is busy with real life but she is one of my best friends on Runescape and seeing her is a real treat! :-) Of course we just HAD to meet up! Look at that big red combat level, and those hawttttt clothes! :D

She had come to give me a Bat Staff. She is in her words a "killing machine" and has gotten millions of elite clues and now had 2 Bat Staffs! She decided to give the other one to me and I was more than happy to take it! She wanted no cash so I gave her 1k addy bolts and 100 games necklaces. Turns out she needed the games necklaces anyway. What a deal! I finally got to see the cool emote for the first time and she lent me her bat mask after I bought the staff so here I am doing the new emote, which looks uber cool!!

We are the hawttest twins in our bat staffs now! :-)

We then did an emote combo- her summoning emote and my bat staff emote:

The creatures are kind of gone in this picture but it still looks hawt! :-) I LOVE when Kitty goes online! We always have the best time ever! I am so honored to have her as a friend. :-)

I leave with you this little song I wrote for Zakki. He had just transcribed "Hey Jude" about 10 minutes prior so I made my own arrangement dedicated to him and his pwnage of TD's. Enjoy!

Eeeeee I am so happy! Clinic is over and the weekend is here. Time to relax and sleeeeeep in all morning! :D Good night all!

Until next time...

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