Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two! Two! Two Cape Trimming Videos!!!

Over the past few days, besides running out of time and then becoming incapacitated by tylenol, I finally have those 99 vids up! They're very unique because both feature a cape-trimming!!

Funny story- this morning after sleeping off the last of my unexpected tylenol high, I had a dream that me, Tanya, and a bunch of my band friends were on a band trip, but we were in China so everywhere outside our room we had to speak Chinese (which was good since I am taking it lol) and we were in not quite a hotel room but a room with a table. Tanya and I were busy editing the video of Aqua's 99 and I just couldn't find the right music! We came up with some good songs but I was like, "We can't use that one... it's copyrighted and will prolly be muted soon anyway..." Finally I pushed my compy away and declared I would put it off until tomorrow. LOL!

Obviously I finished it, plus took a quick video of Waste God getting 99 Hitpoints so here they are!

Gratz you two!!! :D

I leave you with some funnies from today. First, after telling Canting to guess my latest Name O' The Month, this happened:

*sews 2 pics of chat together and line gets repeated to make sure nothing is cut*
Hehe, me and Nez enjoy namecalling! XD

And like I said earlier, here's another example of someone saying something, another one copying, and then a bunch more people saying the same thing:


I did most of my fire giant task today and got an effigy! It was soooooo nice being able to do almost all of it! I had 91 con so I boosted +4 with a stew on my 2nd try (such a nice surprise to have stews and orange spice in my bank!) and got that one down. Next was 93 craft/agility and I wooped and cheered as I was able to select Agility for the first time! XP go zoom zoom! Then I got 95 cooking which was easy. My last was 97 rc so I pm'd my friend Lord Doom who has 99 and he was free! So, I met him and got it all unwrapped and after much deliberation stuck my lamp on Rhoonkreftin, since I hate doing it and it's time consuming. Free 23k! Yaaaahooo!! 100k till 79 and then it won't be long until I have 80 and beyond!

Good night all! Catch y'all on the flipside!

Until next time...

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