Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Halloween Cuteness

Today I did the halloween quest again, back-to-back on Faerie Tana and then Jeffrey Peak. I took some more pics of the things that I especially loved:

Faerie Tana is sporting a special H'ween outfit that is black and orange. It actually looks like I have on the warlock gear. Added bonus!

This sounds like half my college bandmateys...

I played 2 games of Fast SC and got my assists in. I'm less than 300k away! I'm so bad at advertising this 99... I don't even know when I'll get it. It'll be Saturday at Trouble Brewing sometime my mid morning. Be there if ya want, hang out by the guild if you don't... Doesn't matter much to me. :P I leave with you a random picture of me "strutting" during some lag whilst paying Aqua a visit at Rogue's Den:

Good night all! :D

Until next time...

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