Monday, October 18, 2010

The Most Adorable Event Ever

Woooot the H-Ween event came out today!!!! I always love the holiday events, especially the 3 biggies, and this one was no different.

Finding the 6 spiders was mildly frustrating because I couldn't find the last one but I finally did and then did a little puzzle on the dance floor with them. They're so cute!!

I met 3 beyond adorable werewolves and easily got them their moonshine, and after having quite a long talk with the guy who represents most of my college bandm8's I figured out his trick and was able to get an autograph. I wasn't quite sure how much I liked the quest, but I had the music turned up per Jagex's encouragement in the news and enjoyed it. I finished the quest, getting the uber awesome Bone Brooch that is way way cool and won't lose its novelty for a good long time as well as a random emote that has nothing to do with the quest/event whatsoever. XD

With the completion I was sent to the party where I became totally sold. Oh. My. Goodness. The music was great, the dance floor rocked, and OHHHH MY GOODNESS ADORABLE SINGING WEREWOLVES!!!!!!!

The best part was that I recognized literally everyone there. They were all people I've seen all over my home world! As soon as most of us noticed the stage we got in a line and began headbanging. :P The two ravens, Edgar and Poe, were a nice touch as well.

Here's me blowing a kiss to the cutest werewolf sister trio ever, along with someone named Samcknight. Oh how I can't wait to do this event on my 3 freebies so that they have something to be proud of and I can enjoy this concert many times. I hope Jagex brings this back, because it rocks! :D

Of course the bone brooches were an instant novelty and the dance floor was covered in them when I first got there XD Later I left the party and went to Varrock West to bug Zachy who was stringing ammies and many of us were hanging out as piles of bones:

Best item ever!! Even better, they're like my old ring of stone and when you click around a lot and then equip it you slide all over! Yay!!

After the fun my friend Bridled Ruin took me to the duel arena to try out the new sound effects. Oh my gosh they are soooo awful! They sound really kinky... It'll definitely take getting used to... :P

Well it's late and I should probably go to bed early. Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. ==> "as well as a random emote that has nothing to do with the quest/event whatsoever" does Pie..Metallica's song "Master of Puppets". :)