Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pushed Back

I'm sick. Took a tylenol and it knocked me out so everything I was gonna post got pushed back again. I feel like my head isn't connected to my body. Ughhhhhh... *crosses fingers it's just from the tylenol and not the flu*

I've been slaying the past 2 days, knocking out greaters and hellies. I now have fire giants. Woot woot!

Also huge gratz on Aqua for getting 99 cook and Waste God for getting 99 hp!! Both of them trimmed their cape which was way cool! I filmed both and maybe one day I'll have the video up. Until then here is a cool pic of us at Aqua's 99 cook doing the marionette emote:

l-r Wagwanz, Tanyakins, Ambo100, Rachy, me, Aquarianpixi. Fred joined in later which I have on video. We look like some sort of boy band! XD

Good night all! I really hope I feel better in the morning... :-S

Until next time...

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  1. Feel better soon, my best wish