Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Crafting!


I forgot to post my cake pics! Here they are:

Meringue rings with gummi bear ruby and emerald gems! It was very spur of the moment and resulted in molten, gooey, bubbly blobs of "gem" that ran all sown the sides of the rings. I took the prettiest and made this pic:

Meringue is so good! It's like cookies but different!

Here is a little close-up of one of the rings:

Hehe when I took them out of the oven it was like I was taking a ring out of the furnace, something I did quite a lot of on my crafting adventure!

I thought I'd post a little bit on my method. It all started before I even had my Defence cape. I was 72 or 73 and bought the ability to craft slaying rings even though I had to rely on skill assists to get them. One day I got fed up with that and did some random crafting. I was browsing the forums one day (something I don't often do) and came across a post of someone asking for high lvl crafting updates (keep in mind this is before effigies or dunj) and saying that he "loved the skill and just recently got 99 in it." I wondered how on earth crafting could be so fun and could only wish that I loved it so.

Less than a week later I would embark on a crafting binge that would take me from 73 to 87. I made some silver bars and got to work on holy unstrung symbols, which I knew would sell in the GE due to lunar stringers training their mage. I also began to make plain gold amulets which was pretty good xp and pretty fast. Before I knew it I was totally hooked on the skill. This was fun! There were so many things that were cool that only high level crafters could do (like clockwork cats!!) and a very short time later I was buying black d-leather from the GE and playing Stealing Creation to no end getting needles. Crafting pots had come out among this time and so after making lots of blue and red bodies I was able to pot up and make full black leather!

I was leveling so fast that I thought it might be my 2nd 99! I was going craft crazy! Then, the price of d-leather doubled. Awwwwwww. This was around the time when inflation started to be a huge problem, likely due to 76k tricks and stuff like that. I was able to make a mill or two fast but not fast enough to really sustain a good pile of cash. My skills were almost there but not quite so it rested at 87 for quite a long time, while I decided to go for 99 con and then went and got agility instead. XD

Over the next few months I got a couple levels here and there from occasional battlestaffs and crafting the dragonhides from my slayer tasks. I became close to 91, not really thinking much of it, until Zachy randomly got 99. That inspired me to get my craft on and get 99!

Sooooo... All I did was make gold amulets from gold I mined myself or some bars I bought with herb money, craft green bodies with sc needles, and effigies. For green bodies I did the half-life method, started with just money from a whip and some other slayer drops (d boots, gmauls). That got me several levels and was kept afloat with hides from various slayer tasks. Effigies came out when I was 93 so I made some craft pots and before long could do up to 97 and eventually I could put the craft pots away for good! Effigies really helped keeping the costs and time (for needles) down and helped me level a whole lot faster, while helping others. I didn't 'lose' any money getting 99. In fact, I ended with the most cash I've ever had! I was sitting on about 38m when the fireworks flew!

What am I gonna do with all that cash? Go for 99 con!!!!! Yay, time for construction to shine and become popular with the effigy folk!! May it fly by and go go go!! Mackenzie will be mine! Wooot!

I leave you with this amusing conversation. Twice already I've had people run up to me asking for an effigy assist which I have been happy to do and then this happened, which Zachy said happens to him a lot for some reason. I was chopping a yew after an evil mage tree and this guy just runs up to me.

His last message is his way of saying "TYVM" as he sprinted out of Draynor bank. XD

It's a good thing I have 4 in the bank due to stars and me always having a few on hand. I don't need them anymore because my cape is a free ticket into the guild! I suppose I should keep some in stock and hand them out to people. XD

Well it's time for bed. I got a test tomorrow in Chinese. I think I am somewhat ready... As long as the written paragraph has all the words I'll be fine. Reading comprehension is always my strongest when it comes to reading a language other than English (Japanese/Chinese) that writes in Kanji. Busy day!

Until next time...


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