Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craftypants Final Stretch!

Wellllll today I did my last bit of crafting before I get my Tailoring-and-Chiseling-Bob-the-Cat-With-Mah-Hawt-Cape, cape. I played 2 games of sc and did an assist and got down to 7k till. I then bought some gold bars and made ammies. I am now down to 1712 xp until the big day o fun!!

Here I am breaking 13m :P

The 2nd guy I assisted was so happy with my 7k till that he wanted to go to my party on Saturday! I wonder if he'll be there! :D

Sooooooooo anyways the big party will be Saturday at around 10:00am MST, depending when I get up and stuff... It might be earlier than that, but not as early as my agility cape! XD Once again it will be on world 104 at Trouble Brewing so get your pirate gear on! I'm getting that last bit o xp the same way I got 99 Cooking. :P For those who can't access MLH, after I get 99 and play a few games I'll tele to somewhere, prolly Varrock or something, and have a parade over to the Tailoringandchiselingbobthecatwithmahhawtcape Guild in Rimmy where I will buy my smexi cape and look beautiful. Bring wind up dolls if you want, cuz I wanna have a dollbomb but I forgot about that so now I can't make any without leveling... XD After that we'll play it by ear. :P

Wheeeee here comes Cape #4!!!!

I leave with you some pics:

I love when the majority of Canting copies what one person says!

Speaking of which, My dad got a hex and Yana got a focus sight today! Woohoo! Oh and Zakki got 2 ornament kits from his elite!

I finally sold my med and skirt that I got from steels. Now instead of having random sentimental value in my bank they will go to a deserving cute little noob who will wear them loud and proud!

I ran into another brother Pie and we chatted for quite a long time. He had on a slayer cape (mscindy49 is standing on him) and we talked about slayer, agility, and emotes. He was nice! I hope I run into him more. I also ran into Cup 0 Joe a couple times. I met him wayyy back when I was 98 agility and he was 94. We ran Barb for a while and I saw him around RS often after that. :P

Well I got a quiz tomorrow. Eeek! Good night all!

Until next time...


  1. "They'll go to some deserving little noob ^-^"
    Or they'll go to a merchant. Hehe, me and my cynicism.

    I might try and bring some origami balloons if I'm available and have done enlgihtened journey in time :) .

    ~helm lardar

  2. gotta ask...what's MST?
    I'll try to come to your party if that's okay =)