Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Much Better 1337 Clue

The past 2 days have been filled with little more than crafting. I'm 380k away from 99 now!!! I've been playing a lot of fast sc... well as living in a bank doing some weird animation that makes no sense:

(The Bank of Untrimmed Capes +2)

Funny story from today... I was on early and was hoping to offer my craft assist to someone and advertised in Edgy bank but nobody answered which meant nobody was looking. I was just moments away from going to 117 when out of nowhere a guy who had just gotten an assist blurted out "****, 97 craft." I immediately ran over screaming "Pick me!!" He req'd me and I was able to get 30k closer to 99 with a flick of an effigy. Wooot for good timing!

I also saw this awesome name. It took me a minute but I figured it out and it's genius!

rl_l makes a little mug! XD

And my dad had to go about doing weird stuff:

Dunno why but I lol'd... He got 96 summon today! PakYak time!

And now for the really awesome news! I killed the skelehorror and surprise!!!!! He dropped me another clue-with-a-boy-part!! I gasped so loud I woke up my sleeping cat and then I was off on a most excellent adventure, shattering any real life evening plans. I finally got to the reward and, amg!!!!

I got an ornament kit!!!!! I got the cheapest one, but it's still 2m and that totally pays for the 2m I just blew on green leather from my pile of cash! I got other awesome stuff that I use as well. I'm especially loving the rune bars! More bars for my 86 summoning stash!

Me, Fred, and my dad gathered in Edgy where I junk trade "borrowed" my dad's d sq and added the kit. I thought it was lame until one of them said "Look, it has teeth!" Then suddenly the awesomeness of it went up.

Haha it's hardly even visible... Oh well it was cheap and cool enough for my dad to buy from me since he had the shield so I got a full 2m for it and now my dad has a shield with teeth!

I leave with you the video of me carrying on about getting a good reward:

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. lol, got one right after you log off...:) and reward is *faint*