Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Post from the Past

June 20, 2009

I play Runescape. I play it a lot. Now that Ben is gone and summer is here, Runescape is my life. It's my group of friends. It's my drama pad. It's where I go to hang out and have a good time.

As I do it all, I have come up with a couple lists of my favorite things to do. Here they are!

My Favorite RS Quests:
  • A Tail of Two Cats
  • Darkness of Hallowvale
  • A Soul's Bane
  • The Chosen Commander
Here's why:
Tail of Two Cats has the funniest storyline, and the cutscene at the end is in my opinion the game's best. Darkness of Hallowvale led me through an intricate maze of a huge city. Something about pushing walls, jumping roofs, that silly trapdoor table, slashing tapestries, and basically sneaking through a city of traps while evading HUGE winged vampire things (kniwn as vyrewatch) at midnight or later was AWESOME!!! A Souls Bane is an easy quest with strange monsters. At one point you have to search cracks in a wall until ghosts like the one in that famous scream picture come out. It was unpredictable and cool! The Chosen Commander is one of the newer quests and has a very good storyline. Plus, the room you can go in afterwards is very cool and fun to visit with a group of friends.

My Favorite RS Cities:
  • Meiyerditch
  • Lletya
  • Mos Le Harmless
  • Enchanted Valley
Here's Why:
Meiyerditch is that huge city of traps I was talking about earlier. It's very secluded and I wouldn't mind going there anytime. It's a giant maze that is awesome! Lletya is the main Elf city, unlocked after many quests. The city itself is cool because there is a teleport that takes you right there and it has fun things to do. After you leave the city, there is a bright forest full of traps to jump over and avoid. It's so fun! Mos Le Harmless is a small pirate island that is pretty quiet until you go through the city gate. Then you find two great things to kill in the jungle. Further west reveals a cave full of a unique monster that is fun to kill AND this island is home to my favorite minigame! Enchanted Valley is only accessible by the fairy rings but it is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. It is so calm and peaceful and I like to go there for fun.

My Favorite RS Minigames:
  • Trouble Brewing
  • Stealing Creation
  • Pest Control
  • Soul Wars
  • Treasure Trails
Here's Why:
Trouble Brewing... Pirate theme + pirate clothing rewards = AWESOME!! It's a little tricky to get the hang of it, but man is it fun! Stealing Creation is fun with a lot of friends. It's fun to cast magic spells on people to kill them and it's kind of like finding a parking sopt at the mall on Christmas. The rewards give double experience in many of the skills. Sweet! Pest Control and Soul Wars are games where you basically kill a lot of monsters. The rewards include experience in any combat skill and as I am trying for a 99 in Defense I play these to help me train. My favorite part of Soul Wars is killing the avatar of destruction. He lets out quite the defeat cry. Treasure trails are technically a minigame though most people don't see it like that. Basically, after killing a bunch of monsters, they will eventually drop a Clue Scroll. It's a scavenger hunt! It will have a clue on it (duh) and that will lead you to another clue scroll. Eventually, after 5 or so, the next clue will lead to the reward. Most of the time the rewards aren't very good but you can get some great stuff that is only available through clues. One of my favorite Clue Scroll items is the Robin Hood Hat. My dad got one once.

My Favorite RS Songs
  • Back to Life
  • Fe Fi Fo Fum
  • Alternative Root
  • Flute Salad
  • Many many more I can't remember LOL
Yeah... lists... One of these days I'll explain rs.

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