Friday, October 15, 2010


Bleh I feel like crap so this will be short. Played some fast SC and got sexually harrassed by stupid little boys, turning my name into an innuendo and making me feel dirty... Then I got accused of being a 30 year old male who lives in my parents' house. LOL! Unfortunately it did not help my already really bad raging mood... Then I dc'd out of a game but took that as a sign to stop... There was a pker anyway so I was ok with crafting with 4 needles. I am now down to 711k till 99 Tailoring-and-Chiseling-Bob-The-Cat-With-My-Hawt-Cape!!! Woop woop!!

I then crafted all night because, well, because I am less than 1m till 99! :D I leave you with just one pic from today, another Peeky-ism!

Peeky's gettin his n00d on!! XD

Good night all! Woooot weekend is here not a moment too soon!

Until next time...

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