Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I finally ran across them while doing a lvl 1 I got from ham when trying for thief stones. I got one, only one more to go before I break down and do con for the rocks and finish off another week. Anyway, I was for whatever reason super uber excited about these Pretzels and wasted no time in letting everyone know. XD

Hehehehehe too cute!! I'm adding pretzel to my list of favorite words now. :-3

Yes I am wearing ham robes... I showed up with nothing but silence gloves, flippers, ardy cape, exp ring, and chisel and put on full ham as I got it. XD After I bought 5 wonderful pretzels I pm'd everyone online...

...and Canting as well, which had 1 other person at the time. Merchy logged in right when I said Lesko Diamond approves and... well this happened. XD

Ehehe Merchy has quests on the mind! BTW, she pwnt that hard boss already. Woot!! Last I heard a ton of my friends had her done and Fred was in the process of squishing her. I'll get around to it eventually... I have all the req's except for the previous quest... I'm just more in a crafty mood.

Speaking of craft I got a call from a fellow Canter named Waalabie and hopped over to the ge to assist him. I remarked something about feeling under dressed (I only had on flippers, gloves, and a slayer staff) and this guy did a drive-by "me too!" I looked at his name and LOL'd.

My significant other is named Ben and I am always addressing gifts to "Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben" so seeing someone named this totally made my day. Plus, I got 2 emails from him today so I am uber happy! :D

I went on Jeffrey Peak for a while and fished crawdads to infinity. I think I am one load from 20 fish atm and then I'll go to Alkarid and cook all 350 or whatever I have. :P I decided to play a game of sc since I am under 300k until 98... Only lasted one game but I got a really high score and got an award! Woot!

This is the first time I've seen 3 different people in the top 3 slots. :o

Oog... I am so tired... I have a huge busy day tomorrow with playing in band pretty much all day long... Not particularly looking forward to it but luckily nothing appears to last too long... Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. I can confirm the Pest Queen is now dead :D
    Good luck on the crafty level Pie.
    Ben ftw, that was nice :)