Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet the Freebies

You've probably seen these new and strange names in Canting and have been confused when the' started spouting forth information as if they "had a main" and finally it's my pleasure to formally introduce them!

First, my "main," Full Of Pie:

Full Of Pie is the 2nd half of a lovey-dovey pair, the other being Lack Of Pie. He somewhat became dormant so she began to fly solo and has made quite a name for herself in Runescape, ranging from the uber bank of knowledge to the Green Agility Flipper-Wearing Girl. She loves agility more than just about anything and is always there to try to help as much as possible. Nothing makes her happier than helping others, and boy is she ever happy her crafting binge paid off! Effigies, ahoy!

My "Fairy-Turned-Witch," Faerie Tana:

Once clad in purple and as elegant as ever, Faerie Tana had an identity crisis and after getting lots of donations from a Mr. Fred, went to the makeover mage and other places to let out her inner witch. She enjoys questing and is so ruffntuff that she has completed every free quest and is ranked on the hiscores, a first for a freebie! Look out freeplay, Faerie Tana is ranked in Dunjuneering now!

"Osai's Mage," Jeffrey Peak:

A spawn of my Jeffrey phase, Jeffrey Peak was a diamond in the rough. Little did I know the significance that the name would have almost a year after it was yoinked from the available name chart on the create account homepage. Apart from being a Man of Osai, in pixel form he is the highest mage level of all the freebies. He is proud of his ability to teleport to Varrock and avoid the long run. He almost always carries a broomstick and enjoys "being dark."

My "Greenthing," Lesko Dymond:

Supposed to be Lesko Diamond in pixel form, Lesko Dymond doesn't do much more than stand around clad in green sporting his awesome name... and his adorable Peekybeard. He is stuck at cb lvl 5 but maybe someday that will change. He is the only freebie to have been a member at some point, in honor of his 19th birthday. His bank contains many unidentifiable members objects including 100 of some herb seed and a couple grimy herbs. Oh, and full green Fremennik.

Well, that just about covers it! I have finally started playing on freebies just for fun, to experience a simpler RS life. I mainly play on freebies when Pie is stuck doing something she diesn't want to do at the time (like slaying with a Shelley out) but still wants to chat in Canting. I might experiment with them someday in PVP or something but for now it's dungeoneering and questing!

Good night all! Day 2 of all-day-band-st00f coming up tomorrow...

Until next time...

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  1. I've meet all of them and they are great. :)
    Elvarg was epic but so worth it