Friday, October 22, 2010


Today I got on and did some random skills to pass the time and chat. The biggest thing I did was choose my Craftypants outfit. With Yana we went to my costume room where I tried on a whole bunch of things. I finally managed to decide on the perfect one so I then went out and bought those pieces so that my bank wouldn't be full of full sets since they don't store individually. Stay tuned because in less than 12 hours my hawt outfit will be revealed for all to see!

Tanya got tassets AND the faint emote since I saw her last, so finally we were able to do a tandem faint! I thought it looked like a naughty 69 at first but no it's backwards from that so it looks more like a... %.
Ehehe we could do this all day! We sort of melt together too! XD

Other than that I didn't do a whole lot... Some fishing, ivy, herby... I'm up to 37m cash, more than I have ever had! I think I'll buy a ZS when I remember and then just hold onto this huge pile until I decide for sure what I want my next 99 to be. Hint hint, construction after attack, hint!

Good night all! Tomorrow I will have skillcape #4 and cape #5! I can't wait! My craft cake is all made and the 99 vid is in the works. Can't wait to catch whomever at Trouble Brewing or the party after!

Until next time...

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