Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clue! Clue! Clue! Clue! Clue! Clue!!

FINALLY!!!! Today I decided "Meh, I'll go kill Bork, since I haven't in a few days..." so I slowly geared up and made my way there. The first portal misfired and took me... to the portal right below it in the same room. XD I was so confused... :P I made it up to Bork just as my dad walked into my room to chat so he watched as I pwnt him up. It took a while to kill, but I brought 3 of my pretzels with me just for fun and to see how much they heal (a whopping 1 lp :P) and successfully pwnt him with plenty of food to spare. Not expecting much, I looked over at the pile of gems and stuff and gasped.

All I saw was something tan peeking from under whichever uncut gem was on top. All I could say was "Clue! Clue! Clue! Clue!" and then when I right clicked to pick up my stuff I saw, thanks to the new update, "Clue scroll (elite)." W00000000000t!!!! Finally my time at bork had paid off!! I got right to work doing it and with it being so rare how could I not film it? :P

My reward was total crap, but once again it's stuff that I use so I was happy for the free st00f and was satisfied just with the journey of getting it! I got no less than 163512 compass clues and thankfully only one scan clue that I found quickly. I was actually on my way back to the fairy ring to bank my lucky pretzel as I had stepped into Ghastland with an inventory full of food. Oops... Just then it lit up. Woot! Only one in the wildy, and it was actually in Heim so I didn't even have to do much in the wild except run. I want more of these clues! They are so fun because they involve no riddles!

I didn't do a whole lot else, I bought some regular planks for 200k and got my con rocks, FINALLY finishing another statue. OK, I can do it without sc hammers... It just won't be as fun and involves noob nails. At least con goes fast...

Also, I chatted with Merchy on Skype for about an hour. I always LOVE talking to her and it was so fun to just chat about stuff we both love. We only started talking because I wanted to know how to pronounce Machynlleth. Of course, I was doing it WRONG but I managed to pronounce it semi-all right! XD I'd do better if I lived there and therefore had that accent but for a western American I did pretty good! I then told her how to pronounce Avicile Mohaili and she got the hang of it too! XD We had a great time and it feels like I am calling an old friend. :3

I leave with you this picture of Zakki being a smart aleck and making me laugh:

It started with me joking about if Tanya's "wife" was in her profile picture which led to this. XD Facebook is so funny sometimes! Normally I am not a fan of "your mom" jokes but this one was just at the right time. Ehehe!

Good night all!

Until next time...

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