Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cooking Noob

Today I bit the bullet and cooked 2 loads of monkfish, getting myself 14m cooking xp. I haven't felt this nooby since... Uh... Since... well a long time! XD I got no pic, so go to hiscores if you want proof.

Other than that, not much playing... I had a lot to get done in real life... No pics today, sorry about that. Killed Bork, got no clue. }:-| I guess if I want to do a clue I should finish my wyvern task. ;-;

Ehehe funny story though. My dad was busy doing his garg task using slayer dart since he is 98 mage now. He gets a clue scroll and is all mad about it because he doesn't wanna do it, but of course he keeps it. So I leave to shower and then watch Dr Oz and as I'm watching he walks out and.... He got a blue D mask!!! XD Everyone's been getting masks! He too joins our awesome mask club along with such noble names as Full Of Pie, Nihil-ist, Kitty Molly, Fred-037, Tanyakins, and Lillantra. First time I'd seen a blue one... It looks so cute!! I am a sucker for those D masks... Not enough to own one but man are they adorable!

Well, time for an early bedtime methinks... Good night all!

UPDATE: I also broke 10m attack xp at Bork! Woop woop!!!

Until next time...

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