Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elite Clue on 10-10-10

Happy 10.10.10 Day!!!! I set my alarm on my phone so I wouldn't miss the epic moment of 10:10 XD

First I spent the morning getting rocks for the statue. I also assisted Tanya with 2 crafty effigies and looook I broke 12m xp! :D

I also spotted a guy in Draynor who looked like a lemon pie.

After a day of doing some randomness I decided to go do Bork and the Skelehorror. I decided that I would start with the skelehorror and then tele to Edgy and do Bork and hope for a clue. I was getting pwnt pretty bad by the Skelehorror and was wondering when life would get better but finally all of its appendages fell off and it was pwnt. I watched as it slowly died... and then up popped a clue, and I could see the little appendage on it that meant it was a scan orb and therefore a lvl 4! W0000000000000000t!!!!! Hoorayyyyy!!!! My 3rd elite!!!!!!

I filmed it of course and man it was a flurry of scanning clues and Celtic knots... I took a pic of my favorite Puzzle Casket. Notice my good luck Pretzel? XD

My reward was hilariously bad, but hey those pots will come in handy someday!

Epic phail! XD

My hilarious live reaction can be seen at the end of my video here:

Good night all!

Until next time...

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  1. Nice vid, not so nice reward...but it's fr33 st00ffff :)
    Next one will be better